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I have been quite bored with my blog and I wanted to revise a lot of things, including my online name Yui, the blog name, and its contents. Yui, my chosen name, coincides with YUI who is my favorite J-Pop singer (well besides Shokotan). Also, I wanted to focus my blog on better topics that will surely reflect my blog title.

Also, I’ve had a greater desire right now to improve my designing skills (which I had left for years) by finding a host site (since I have no money as of now). Well, they ARE plans. I’m still thinking about it.

I just first need to think of a good blog name!



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No way! My last update was last June? And what month is it now? SEPTEMBER???

Ok, I still love my little humble blog so I’m still going to continue. Perhaps this week I’ll focus on making new designs for this place and BLOG about ALL that HAPPENED to ME in this past 2-3 months.

I’m sure it would be long. But just to pay off for my lack of updates. Eh… but are there still people reading this blog?

I’m planning to find a good host to adopt my poor blog. Hmm… wonder where I could find?

AND ABOUT XLR8? LOL. You’ll know.

Blogged Again!

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It’s been a long time na!!!!!! I’m not officially back because college life (+ facebook interactions) is tiresome. I really haven’t got any time for this… not to mention readers, since my readers are all my friends and some of them are busy in their college life as well.

I’ll definitely be back with a more wholesome post than this. But for now, let’s leave it like this! I miss Yui no Jukkou!

Chicken Pox

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Yes, unfortunately I have chicken pox. You call them “bulutong” in the Philippines. First my youngest sister had it, terribly, then after three weeks I got sick. Happily I didn’t have so much spots. They were quite countable. Thank God.

I just had it last Sunday. They say you should stay home for two weeks. But next week is the start of my classes in college! I really can’t miss this! And I hope that my face will be fine, too. It wasn’t so damaged.

So should I attend my first classes? I’m fine now. I’m even dancing. I just hope I can go next week.

Tabe Mikako and Ohkura Tadayoshi Together Again!

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I’m a big Tabe Mikako fan, so I always get excited when there’s news about her new dramas and stuffs. I’ve watched Yasuko to Kenji before, which was super duper funny, especially with Tokio’s Masahiro Matsuoka. That was the first time I’ve seen and liked Kanjani8’s Ohkura Tadayoshi immediately. Mikako plays Yasuko who has a crush on Ohkura who plays Tsubaki.

Because I liked this two, I just can’t wait for Mikako-chan’s Kimi ni Todoke and Ohkura in Ohoku (with Nino!). And Ohkura’s very cute, too!

Now I can’t just wait for them to appear again together on a new drama! And just after I watched the last episodes of Yasuko to Kenji!

The title’s still unconfirmed but they will be starring in the drama with Higashiyama as the lead star.

 I really like this pairing. Cute and comical.

May 10, 2010

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This is one historical day in the country. It’s day when the Philippines have seen technology take over our old ways and methods of national voting. It’s the time when voters are all excited to vote for their supported candidates.

We all know that electronic voting isn’t easy or wholly safe and reliable. Let’s pray that the May 10, 2010 elections will be successful and no matter what troubles will come our way we’ll be able to overcome them.

May God bless this very significant time of the Philippines.

So Many Things I’d Like to Do!

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The many things I want to do this summer are just piling up inside me. I’d like to do them because they are a part of me and they are God-given talents I’d like to improve. Ah… if only I can do it and have more time for it.

1. I want to write. I’ve always wanted to write. However, it’s laziness and lack of motivation and inspiration that leads me to “do it tomorrow.” I really would like to be able to write a novel or even just a fanfiction. I would even want to take classes just for it.

2. I want to draw. Drawing has been a part of me. I’ve been good at drawing before but I’ve been on a LOOOONNNNGGG hiatus until now. I’d like to revive it again. I want to draw manga (comics) because if I can’t tell a story by words, at least by drawing. However, I’m not that good. And I’m not even close to being a novice to a professional comic artist.

3. I want to sing. I’m planning to do covers of many J-pop songs. I just would like to know recording softwares and the time and perfect spot for it. I just wish that my parents and our guests here would leave the house so I could sing without embarassing myself. Sigh… It’s just too awkward. And besides, it’s Japanese.

4. I want to play the piano. But it’s still a long way to learn it. I really need time and motivation.

I want to do these things and I hope that in my last 25 less days I will be able to do SOMETHING. I’d like summer to be fruitful and memorable and fun as well.

On Mic and Dancing

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There’s something I would like to point out on XLR8’s performance in Party Pilipinas: They danced You’re so Hot while singing it with a mic.

I don’t want to say that XLR8’s not good enough to sing while dancing. It’s just that, I noticed that the steps of You’re so Hot was hard to do while holding a mic. I remembered Arashi while I noticed this.

Arashi, and almost all J-Pop artists (who dance, most especially), if not using a lapel, use their left hand to sing and their right hand to dance. If you’ll notice, the hand movements of Arashi in their songs are usually done only by their right hand, very rarely the left. This is, of course, to provide easier dancing to the singer.

I noticed this because I dance to Arashi’s songs. I’m blogging about this because I’d like XLR8 not to have a hard time with the mic. Yeah, I’m suggesting they try right hand dancing (with of course, using the feet) and sing better with the left hand.

If not, then I hope XLR8 will find a technique about this.

Congrats to XLR8 for their Party Pilipinas Performance! I like the clothes very much, very simple but nice. I like Caleb’s brown one!

XLR8 Page Updated!

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I finally posted the lyrics I transcribed ages ago in my blog. (Take away your laziness, Yui!) So, right now it has 2 lyrics there: I’ll be There and You’re so Hot. I’m currently on my way to posting the lyrics of I Love You Girl. It’s actually in the laptop but it’s such a long way before I even put the link. -_-‘

So, there you go! I don’t think it’s super accurate but I tried my best. It also has my comments at the end.

Current Animes: Rurouni Kenshin, Colorcloud Palace 2, Kimi ni Todoke

Current Music: Nothing new

Dance with Me

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Yes! An update at last! I’ve been busy with playing games and attending events and other stuffs I have forgotten about Yui no Jukkou. So whathappened? Let me divide them since they’re so many.

1. I’m currently attending a dance workshop every Saturday for three hours. It’s kinda exciting since it will be street/hiphop/break dancing. I just went to the first session and I already enjoyed. I hope I can cope up with the difficult steps next meeting.

2. I’m currently enjoying playing games in facebook. But right now I really got bored with pet society (just because I can’t afford many things if I have few friends only). So I’m gaming on Social City, building your own city and increasing the population. I like it even if you have to wait for some time to reach the next level. Oh, and I’m also playing Tinier Me! It’s such a hard game to play but fun still.

3. I’m nervously fixing my enrollment in La Salle. I’m nervous because I might miss something I need for the enrollment and medical examination and then lose my opportunity to study there. I pray I can make it.

4. I still can’t force myself to do my summer assignment to my student council coordinator. I don’t have the heart to do it. Sorry, Ms. Castillo. I’ll definitely bring it next week!!!!

5. An XLR8 fan, yes.  I’m currently checking them out and supporting them even if I’m tired. It’s because I look at them not as super celebrities but friends who need support. I hope Party Pilipinas helps them to shine better.

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