On Mic and Dancing

May 2, 2010 at 8:10 am | Posted in Arashi, P-Pop | 2 Comments
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There’s something I would like to point out on XLR8’s performance in Party Pilipinas: They danced You’re so Hot while singing it with a mic.

I don’t want to say that XLR8’s not good enough to sing while dancing. It’s just that, I noticed that the steps of You’re so Hot was hard to do while holding a mic. I remembered Arashi while I noticed this.

Arashi, and almost all J-Pop artists (who dance, most especially), if not using a lapel, use their left hand to sing and their right hand to dance. If you’ll notice, the hand movements of Arashi in their songs are usually done only by their right hand, very rarely the left. This is, of course, to provide easier dancing to the singer.

I noticed this because I dance to Arashi’s songs. I’m blogging about this because I’d like XLR8 not to have a hard time with the mic. Yeah, I’m suggesting they try right hand dancing (with of course, using the feet) and sing better with the left hand.

If not, then I hope XLR8 will find a technique about this.

Congrats to XLR8 for their Party Pilipinas Performance! I like the clothes very much, very simple but nice. I like Caleb’s brown one!



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  1. Me thinks they need a new Choreographer. Lol XD

    • yes, I think so…

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