[I’ll Always] Be With You


Title: [I’ll Always ] Be With You

Starring: Ninomiya Kazunari and Kajiyama Asami (original character)

Rating (mine): 3/5

Type: Short Novel

Summary: The narrator, in the person of Ninomiya, talks about his married life and the happiness of having a family.

Note: To all concerned, this is only a fanfiction, a story that is not true and made up by fans. I am in no way publishing this short novel for profit. If you wish to copy this to your site or whatever place, please ask first or credit.


Kazunari Ninomiya, relaxed as usual, sat down at the seat given by the interviewer, Yoko Taka. Yoko noticed the peaceful smile of the witty member of the famous group, Arashi.

She initiated the interview, anticipating his almost philosophical yet interesting answers. “Ninomiya-san, congratulations for a very successful marriage. You’ve been marked as the Best Model Couple in Japan with Asami-san. Many say that you were good examples to others. So, together, you were called the model couple.”

Kazunari lightly scratched his right cheek and painted his face with a humble smile.

“Hmm… I wouldn’t really say that we’re the best among the rest. I mean, it’s just five years compared to other married couples, right? It’s just that both of us are trying to make our marriage as happy and satisfied as we can. Maybe that’s it.”

Yoko smiled at the sincere response of “Nino,” as everybody dearly calls him. Then, it was followed by another question. “What about your group? What is the latest with Arashi this year?”

“Since everyone is settling down we are reducing our projects. Although we plan to retire, variety shows keep on inviting us for performances and interviews. It’s still productive times for us who are still together. Don’t you think so?”

Many more questions followed and after finishing them diligently he visited his mother. It had been so long since he visited her. When he came in, he was surprised to see someone very special to him, someone he hasn’t seen for a very long time.

“Kazunari-kun.” His long absent father said.
“Dad? What are you… doing here?” Kazunari, taken aback, asked.
“He knew you were coming, and he came because he wanted to see you,” his mother quietly yet peacefully explained.
“Dad, this is very surprising. So, you’re visiting us?” The son asked, confused and a little insecure.

Mrs. Ninomiya understood the situation and she had a good idea to bring the two to talk alone. “Hmm… why don’t the two of you have dinner together? Your older sister will be here, Kazu-kun, so you don’t need to worry about me. Go on,” she enthusiastically suggested.
The father was very glad about the idea and he looked at his son with his bright and handsome eyes. “Shall we?”
“Sure, Dad,” Kazunari complacently agreed.


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