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Uh…. I don’t really know what title to give this post.


I recently joined XLR8’s official forum and made friends not just with XLR8 fans but J-pop to JE fans as well. And my blog buddies and friends in real life, too, are there!

I really like XLR8, especially Caleb Santos, who is very talented and good-looking. Guess what? Just now two of the group’s members just added me in their facebook and replied to my messages! I sent those two personal messages because I want them to feel appreciated because of their efforts. They’re really friendly and considerate. They’re funny, too. I hope that even if they become more popular they’d be the same humble people.

I have also been trying to explain to anti-XLR8 and haters those plagiarism/copying issues and convince them to at least respect the group, if not like them. With more haters rising, they even get more recognized. But still, they do have supporters who back them up, especially these days when those haters are really going below the belt. They’re just starting so let’s give them a break, please.

Really, their songs are super nice and meaningful. I hope to see them this summer during their mall tour in SM Manila. Sigh. And then I’ll be asking them to autograph the album I bought. Grabe, abot na abot lang sila ng mga fans.

I’m just glad that they’re working hard and earning recognition step by step. I hope they continue to shine and bless God for their daily blessings, especially the wonderful blessing of fans who inspire them by supporting them even in the midst of criticism. Go guys!

Just to introduce them…

My favorite: Caleb. He’s a God-fearing person who really knows how to amaze me with his unique and soothing vocals. He’s my inspiration to grow taller. 5’10! I like his covers of Like a Rose and Change your Mind in youtube! I like his personality very much.


 The youngest in the group. He’s an amazing prof. stage actor. Ibong Adarna plays? Can’t do that.  Gave me a good compliment when I complimented him and said I bought the original album. Thank you po.


This Japinoy singer is also a comedian when he’s with Kuya Germs. His smiling face and the fact that he chose to be in the Philippines is what I like about him.


I told him that he’s the most friendly and accomodating in the group. He’s always ready to meet new friends and share his knowledge about something. Kuya Kiko, with Aki, is the most makulit. I was told that he was one of the best dancers in the group. (Parang si Ohno?)

Kuya AJ is Aga Muhlach’s half-brother. Although he was the last to member to join XLR8, he proves to be a great talent and asset to the group. He has appeared in commercials, too!


Second to the tallest member, he was the one who thought of the name’s group. Issues about the name being the same with the robot guy in Ben Ten, I’ll just comment that he DID derive it from that. Anyway, the name’s working out ! I like it.


Kuya MM is one-half of the Magno twins. He’s very stylish. Many think he’s Korean but he’s Filipino. His voice is really good and melodious. He and MJ seem to lead the vocals a lot.

Kuya MJ wrote two of the songs in their album and co-written another. This musically talented guy, like MM, has powerful vocals and has humour, too.



So let me introduce to you know who I’m currently listening to and watching… the renowned ASIA’S DANCING KING: Show Luo!01_31 by rebitrilly.


I first saw him in Hot Shot with which he starred with Jerry Yan and Wu Chun. This is the first time that I really became a fan of a Taiwanese singer and dancer! I really thought he was cute and funny, even in Hot Shot. I just realized that he can actually sing and dance through Channel V asia where he appears a lot.

And just these days I began to download his songs Show Time, Twinkle (ft. Koda Kumi – full english song), and Hot Shot. Show Luo, also called Xiao Zhu (little pig) because he was a chubby child before, also hosts 100% entertainment which is really very funny, giving me LOL’s all the time. Let me add that he is the prince of the Amis tribe because his mother is an aboriginal princess of the tribe.

Let me also tell you that SHOW LUO LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE NINO. Youthfulness is also there. He’s actually older than going-30 yrs old Ohno by one year!

So, currently, and as always, I’m listening to Asian music, and I’m glad I appreciate my own continent’s music and people. God bless Asia!



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  1. Aww I want their album! 😦 I still don’t have it. Guh. But anyway, I really like Caleb and Aki. 😀 Arkin is really funny too! He’s a stage actor? 😮

    • yes. he performs in professional stage plays.

  2. @Claudine: Aki and Caleb are my faves.

    Have you seen Aki’s Yotube vids in Walang Tulugan? He and Kuya Germs are so funny. I posted some on my LJ, you may want to check it out.

    Their interactions with their fans was what really made me very curious about them. At first, it was just the idea of a Filipino boy band. I even laughed at first but I got curious, then landed in their FB page. And their songs other than YSH are the ones that caught my attention, too. Unlike what many hates claim, the songs are just so Pinoy. it’s like Pinoy-disco music(their upbeat songs) and their slow songs are your typical non-belting Filipino ballads. I don’t know if they realize that YSH being Kpop-ish is more of a marketing strategy. Though I think Viva went overboard with the jumpshot. Hehe. But then, there were other artists who did the jumpshot before the Kpop bands did. No biggie. And explaining to the haters won’t work. They’re so full of themselves who won’t even look at FACTS.

    Ang sipag ni Kiko mag-online for the fans no? I catch him quite often on cbox.

    Although my personal biases are Aki and Caleb, I still think the twins are the golden voices of the group. They this very good R&B feel in their voices. They call pull off both old school and contemporary R&B. And I think Arkin, too. I seem to like his voice in live performances than in recording.

    What songs of Show Luo are nice/ I listen to some C-pop like Alan Ke, A-Mei and Harlem Yu…some Vic Zhou, too although he isn’t a good singer. Lol. My exposure to C-pop are soundtracks from dramas

    • No, I haven’t! 😦 I’ll go check it out 😀

    • Show Luo’s debut song Show Time is a upbeat song. You should really check it out. Half is Japanese half is Mandarin. There’s also Hot Shot. That’s nice, too. You can see his dances. You would want to dance it too. LOL.

      BTW, Gum, glad you’re going here. I do wonder what’s so attractive about this blog…. hehe.

  3. I feel so left out. Heck, I feel so old (hell, I AM old LOL XD). I’m one of those expat Pinays who have been looking for a reason to love the old country again. Would you believe that the only Filipino songs I got exposed to (thanks to the parents) are the ones still from the 80s? I’d ask my parents to get the latest CDs of OPM, but they always get the same old stuff. Ano ba yan… x___x

    On the other hand, checked out the other songs by XLR8. Other than the “Sorry Sorry”-sound-alike “You’re So Hot,” I like the other songs. Maybe I’ll stop by the local Filipino store and see if they sell the CDs there.

    As far as haters go, in every fandom you end up with, there’s always going to be haters. By the way, this entire night a friend of mine were dealing with a rather… disillusioned… Arashi fangirl who claimed that she actually is “friends” with Arashi themselves and spewing out “facts” about them that was never mentioned anywhere in the official magazines or interviews. The rather embarrassing part was that this girl is also Filipino and… well… full of herself. Long story.

    And speaking of Hideaki Torio (and your interest in checking out half-Filipino half-Japanese celebs), are you familiar with the girl group AKB48? If so, are you familiar with Sayaka Akimoto, one of the captains of AKB48? She’s another halfie, and what’s interesting about her is that she can sing very well (saw a few of her vids in YouTube) and can also speak Tagalog and English. AKB48 had a concert here last year in New York and Sayaka Akimoto was the one who MC’d the most to the primarily American crowd (there were more whites than any other race in the audience, which I think was pretty cool). Anyway, just a short mention. ^^

    • @ 80’s music – Don’t worry! Usually OPM nowadays are not so good. Many songs are revived from the oldies, too, you know. Almost all the songs of good artists are revived. So, there’s really nothing to feel old about. 🙂

      That’s why I like this new boy group. ALL of its songs are original. And 3 songs are written by a member. Cool melodies and rhtythm too!

      @ Album – Glad you’re interested. Hope you find one!

      @ Arashi fangirl – That’s quite embarassing.

      @ Sayaka – Yes! I’ve heard of her. It was because long ago I tried to research half-Filipino celebrities in Japan. Anyway, it’s cool she’s showing how good we are in English. And she’s pretty and tall, too! 🙂

      @ Hideaki Torio – You should try to watch his videos in youtube in “Walang Tulugan” with Kuya Germs. He’s very unpredictable.

      Hope we’ll catch each other some time in YM. ^_^’

      • @ 80s Music – Well, oldies are always good. Revivals are questionable. Despite the age gap, I know I can never be old when it comes to music. Too bad not very many (younger) people think the same.

        Original is always good. As long as the lyrics are good, the melody sounds good, the rhythm is something to nod your head along with, it’s all good to me. I think sometimes some (younger) people have forgotten— or rather don’t know— what music really is and what it should be, you know?

        @ album – I’ll go to the local Filipino stores on Friday.

        @ Arashi fangirl – what upsets me the most about this person is that she’s one of those devoted born-again Christians with an entire blog of her faith testimony. You’d think that a person like her wouldn’t do such a thing to other fans like “fronting” and claiming that she knows Arashi personally in front of people when she pretty much doesn’t know anything. I think her Arashi fandom has corrupted her. If she continues to preach on her faith, she needs to have that as priority rather than making other fans look so stupid and idiotic. She even threatened those who corrected her by saying everyone that she’s a “publisher.” That doesn’t mean anything ROFL. XD

        @ Sayaka – there was a clip that I saw of her and AKB48 being interviewed at some variety show and they were talking about their concert here in New York. The host asked how they dealt with the language barrier and the girls pointed towards Sayaka, who admitted that she did most of the talking (in English). When the host asked her where or how she learned English quite well and she answered: “My mother is Filpina. That makes me half.” (the way she said it made her look really proud of her half heritage, which I think is awesome) The surprising part of this clip was that the host actually knew simple Tagalog. He said to her “Akimoto magandang hapon babae.” LOL When the girls asked what that meant and Sayaka explained: “He said ‘beautiful Japanese girl.'” At the end of the clip, she explained a little situation she and the girls in New York and ended it by speaking a bit of English (there was barely any accent too): “Okay, alright, get out!” LOL I actually first saw Sayaka in the drama “Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata” (The Creation of an Ideal Prince) as a tomboyish athlete high school girl. Looking at her filmography, she always portrayed the “tough girl” tomboy roles.

        @ Hideaki Torio – see email that I sent you. LOL

        And that’s about… it. ^^

  4. sUpEr gNdA tLga nG XLR8 kyA 2wInG sUndY naNoNooD aqUh ..ang gwApo NI kuyA kiko,mm, nice tlga ng perform nio…..gud blesss…hehehehhehehe.♥♥♥♣♥

  5. Really great read. Truely.

  6. *SHOW*

    — i love SHow very much… honestly I am updated sa kanya coz he has a multiply and that helps a lot.. you better check it out and and secong thing is that he does not only have HOT SHOT but also LOVE AT THE CORNeR which is aired on GMA and as well as on QTV 11… Rainie Yang and Show has a Taiwanese Novela entitles Hi My Sweetheart..
    — I also love XLR8 especially Melmar Magno (one of the twins), he is really handsome, Kiko and Carlo are very close to their fans, and MJ really sing Very well… Caleb is also cute and Aki dances so great…
    — You can add me on facebook if you have and if you want… I’ll wait for your responce


  7. Show Luo is very admirable. He’s an amazing individual with great talents. Keep it up “Asia Dance King” 😀

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