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I just came back, tired but happy, from two provinces, first Marilao then Pangasinan.


We came to Marilao for Holy Week. Honestly, I don’t like spending Holy Week at my father’s relatives because I just can’t feel the Semana Santa. We don’t go to church because it’s very far – and because they don’t do it there. I just tried to spend the Holy Week internally, watching The Seven Last Words on television.


We we’re about to go home last Saturday when we found out that my grandparents and my other relatives on my mother’s side were going to Pangasinan to visit them (we visit them once or twice a year only). Since my baby cousin will come too without a maid and mother, my mother asked me, Fatima and Andrea to join them and take care of baby Miggy. It was quite a memorable vacation in Pangasinan. The people there are friendly and we enjoyed swimming in a nearby resort. It was a perfect bonding time with us from Metro Manila with those in the province. By the way, the road trip was fun, too, since IT WAS FOUR HOURS OR MORE FROM MANILA.

XLR8 – The first Filipino pop boy band (who can sing and dance)

I just bought a CD of XLR8 (pronounced as accelerate)!!! I’m quite happy because even my sisters and mom like them!


They’re an 8-member group composed of half-Japanese Aki (the only half-foreign Filipino – the rest are pure Pinoy), Caleb (my personal favorite! ❤ ), twins MM and MJ, youngest member Arkin, namer of the group Carlo, Aga Muhlach’s younger brother AJ, and talented Kiko.

In the midst of K-Pop craze in the Philippines, the country right now has proudly established its own pop genre —> P-Pop! The 12-songs from the album are all good and catchy, proudly Pinoy. Their songs are mostly english-tagalog together. I always thought that a song with both tagalog and english lyrics are baduy, but they proved otherwise.

I like XLR8. They have different personalities and are all musically talented. Three great songs from the self-titled album are creatively written by 1/2 of the Magno brothers, MJ. They all look good, too.

I hope that Filipinos and other people will not so much criticize this potential boy group. Many say that their debut song was a copycat to Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, but we can’t just look at that right? We’re always crazy about Asian groups. It’s time that we have our own pride in the music industry. It’s a good help to the economy, too. And since boy bands are popular, I think we can give XLR8 a chance. Many say that we copy; well, you’re right. But no one is so original these days. Instead of criticizing them as copycats or wannabe’s, we should see that they’re putting Filipino style in what they do. It’s not copying but improvising. ^_^’

Anyway, I like their songs. It’s full of english and tagalog combined. We can show that Filipinos are really good in English, in grammar and pronunciation. So let’s give them support and give them obstructive (and not destructive) criticism for them to improve and be more original, having authentic Pinoy style.


VIVA Official Page (note: pictures are not arranged accdg. to profile)

I’ll be adding a page for XLR8 – for lyrics and download. The download, for support, will only be for a week or two. Hope you like them, too.


It has been a great first week of vacation. About 4 more weeks to go before La Salle. God bless you all!

Current Music: For You by XLR8



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  1. Hey, welcome back! 😀 I’m glad that you enjoyed your trip. It’s fun being able to bond with the family 🙂

    Oh yes, I’ve seen that boy band perform in Party Pilipinas but I don’t know, I’m not really into pop groups. Maybe I’ll try to listen to them someday, when I’m in the mood.

  2. Welcome back. You had a better way of spending your Holy Week than us here in the U.S. Since the U.S. isn’t 100% Catholic, there’s no such thing as a one-week holiday break, though most schools here had their one-week Spring Break on Holy Week, so…

    So, may J-Pop, K-Pop, and C-Pop na. Ngayon naman P-Pop. It’s funny na boy bands/boy groups are emerging around Asia, pero baliktad dito (we don’t have any more boy bands/groups here in the U.S. anymore— that’s back in the 90s). Pero for me, what I miss are boy bands/groups in the R&B scene where they can *really* sing (as in a capella singing to singing simple yet soulful songs… but “artificial” pop took over in the 2000s and they all disappeared now…).

    Personally though, I would like to see the emergence of OPM. I remember several years ago in those Asia-wide song contests where the Philippines were always the champs (Regine Velaszquez… ah, those were the days…) and then we get snubbed over these crazy pop artists and idols where most of them can’t sing (not all… most :P).

    I’ll check out XLR8 (cool name, BTW ^_^), if only they’re introduced here (at least in the Filipino communities like my hometown haha!). ^^

    • Speaking of XLR8, you said it’s pronounced “accelerate” (“to speed forward”)? I was thinking of something closer to “exhilarate” (which I think it makes more sense because that word means “to enliven” or “to ‘hype’ up”). 😛

      • Hehe. Di ko nga alam kung accelerate o eccelerate yung i-pro-pronounce. Just stuck with the latter…

        I’m glad you’re interested! Ang dami kasi nilang haters… but at the same time fans din naman…

  3. Well, in every fandom, there’s always going to be haters. But what I don’t like about haters though is that they already hate them right from the start & not even giving them a chance to be heard. I mean, there’s a saying that goes “Try it before you knock it.”

    I mean, if you don’t try them out then it just shows that their “hate” is based on prejudice and stereotyping (example – “typical boy band, and since they’re a boy band, they suck”), you know?

  4. I think they can improve and if filipinos will support them or just hear them out they’ll be accepted. They CAN sing, its just that their utotuning their voice (i mean seriously only ppl who cant sing use that thing). So anyways, i support this group!!! i dont care what those other ppl say!

    • yup. They also should let XLR8 sing live, not lipsynch. I really believe in their talent. And what I like about them is that they made me like Pinoy Music again. Because I’m an avid J-Pop fan.

  5. Where can I buy the album at? I love these boys haters can get to steppin.

    • Hi! I’m glad that you like XLR8. You can buy the album at Astroplus/astrovision (is the name right? sorry I forgot. but it has astro~ in it). If not you can try other album stores. It’s only P 295.

  6. hi po ang galinf nyo pong magsayaw lahat grabe

  7. sobrang galing talaga ng group nila sana marami silang mtanggap n mga projects s gma networks no?

    hayyyyyyyyy love ko na c mj ang gwapo kc at talented p…..:)

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