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Yes! I finaly made it! No more worrying (except for the speech I need to compose… -_-” )

Instead of crying, I could only laugh when it was announced TODAY. They said it was on Friday, but it was cancelled, so that made me a little impatient and more scared of the results. Both Ren (Valedictorian) and I, I realized, had the same feeling of doubt and nervousness. His was more obvious after the announcement. He seem quite relieved and shocked. He was probably threatened by my good grades and I threatened by the good grades of our third honor. What? Oh Ren! I’d like you to be the valedictorian, since… I just don’t want it. I’m just satisfied with the award next to yours. I just shook his hands three times to show my sincerity in being happy for his achievement.

It has been three months since “mangiyak-ngiyak ako” about this. That is why at the start of the last quarter of school I did my best, my whole best, as in hindi ko talaga pinalagpas lahat. Almost every detail I made sure I’d get a high score, if not perect score. And last week, and last last week, and the week before that (ok, let’s just say the whole month of March), I was nervous to tears. I know you’d understand. Many people will say, “Ok na yun, basta may honor. Ako nga wala eh.” But I am in a different situation. People expect me to be salutatorian. Many eyes are watching me. So I hope that you wouldn’t say that to someone who is in a situation like me and Ren Senson. I understand quite much.

But now I can breathe. These past few weeks I was so depressed. I knew I could lose it. But thank God I made it through. Thank you! This is the fruit of my labours and God’s help, too. So, I share my happiness to everybody.

To my CKL friends: Hahaha! You were more nervous kanina! Haha. Please help me buy that orange thing again (Pyon-chan). I can’t get over it. It has sentimental value.



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  1. Congratulations! I knew you’d end up getting what you want! 🙂 You just have this will to get it when you want it, you know. XD

  2. What an achievement! You probably deserve this very much!! Congrats!

    • thank you!!!

  3. Congratulations! Now you are finally free and independent… till your first day in college. 😛

    Bakasyon na kayo diyan this week, right? (It is Holy Week after all ^^)

    • mm! sa probinsya. Bulacan. Makikibasa ako ng pasyon. -_^

      • Ako naman, full-time ako sa simbahan… mostly singing in the choir. Tuesday night, Wednesday night, are choir practices for Holy Thursday and Easter Vigil (Saturday night). Tapos, Holy Thursday mass singing in the choir. And then, Good Friday mass at night (usually noon it’s @ 3pm pero ang daming nag-complain na hindi convenient ang 3pm for a Good Friday mass (what? But that was the approximate hour that our Lord Jesus Christ gave his spirit away to our Father…), so now it’s at 7:30 pm now (in case you’re wondering, the church I go to is predominantly Filipino (but there are some other races too, like the Latinos, whites, blacks, and others), and it’s the Filipinos who complained about this). Reason being kasi Holy Week is not a vacation week in the U.S., although for schools, it’s their yearly Spring Break (so one-week vacation for the students in Holy Week). Anyway.

        Well, enjoy your final summer with your high school friends until your big day in college. Hopefully we’d keep in touch one of these days no? ^_^

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