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 Yey! We just finished our final exam of the 4th quarter, the last we’ll have! But you know, I feel that I didn’t do well this time. I can only leave everything to prayer and trust.

So what will we be doing now? As graduating students, we took the exams earlier than the other grade levels. This week, we’ll be practicing for our graduation ceremony, and busy ourselves for the Graduation Ball!!! Yey!

I already have my simple gown ready for dry cleaning. Its color is apple green and has a simple but elegant design. It was made by Sylvia Silvestre.

And I can finally breathe (yes, breathe!). I just couldn’t these past few months. Breathe with a smile, Yui! Your hard work will pay you back in the future! Sou desu!


This is one of my favorite animes. And right now I want to watch it again. I really really like Kenshin. I always think that he’s my ideal guy. Eehh…… So sweet, pure, and caring. And I can relate so much with Kaoru! Kaoru and Kenshin pairing is the best! I like how they care so much for each other, and how Watsuki (manga-ka – author/artist) made it so hilarious and sweet.

I’ll be watching it again. I watched it years before but I never really completed it all. Its now currently on Animax. But I’m kinda’ disappointed by Animax’s choice of english dub. They used the version where there names were changed. Kenshin-Kenshi and Kaoru-Kori. And I think Kaoru’s voice was too mousy and high. Wasn’t anything like the original version. I’m also disappointed because I’ve been watching since the 20th or 30th + episode.

What I like about this anime is its value of friendship and pure love, its showcase of Japanese history, the very unique character personalities and design, the originality of the anime/manga, and its comedy. And I shouldn’t forget the very very pleasing soundtrack. I like Sobakasu and the others.

BTW, I decided to make this segment in my blog. The WEEKLY MESSAGES is where I will post my message to my blogger friends. Hope you like this section! Inspired by Wink Up.


TO ADRIANNE-SAN: Long time no chat! But I’ll be free soon. Let’s talk about R.Kenshin if you’re interested. It’s a good anime, isn’t it?!

TO LESLIE: We’ll be graduating soon. I’m glad you stopped bullying me. But you pinch me so painfully! Please make it lighter then if you don’t want to stop it. (^w^;) Hehe.

TO ANGELA: Your hair is still curly.

TO CLAUDINE: Thank you for sympathizing with me these past few months. Let’s see each other in La Salle! BTW, did you receive a green ID from the acceptance letter from La Salle?



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  1. Rurouni Kenshin :”> I’m reading that right now and I’m almost done. In the anime, I never got to the part where he met Enishi so yeah, it’s where I am now in the manga \m/ I don’t like the anime version because it’s like they’re cramming the story into as few episodes as possible, and that’s not really good. AND YES, THE DUBBING 😐

    Aww I’m in your weekly messages! Happy one right here 😀 Yeah, I got that, the one with the top applicant thing?

    • Yey! We’re the same! Congratulations!

      Awww… I really want to watch and read more of RK. I’s so interesting. Not to mention the bond of Kaoru and Kenshin. I live those two.

      Glad you liked the weekly messages.:)

      • I love them too! 🙂 It’s funny when they’re together, I’d like to have a man like Kenshin. Haha. But it’s scary when Kenshin reverts to Battousai because of Kaoru.

  2. Waaah… Same here!

  3. TO ADRIANNE-SAN: Long time no chat! But I’ll be free soon. Let’s talk about R.Kenshin if you’re interested. It’s a good anime, isn’t it?!

    I haven’t seen Rurouni Kenshin for the longest time… like it’s almost… 10 years? LOL. I remember seeing it in fansubs first, and then on U.S. TV (and they did keep the original names in the English dub here). My sister was collecting the manga, not sure if she completed them yet.

    Weekly messages huh. Thanks for thinking of us. I’d probably do the weekly messages thing but apparently you’re the only one who comments on my poor blog. 😦

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