Happy Birthday, Leslie! // School Stresses

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The title seems contradicting, huh?


Your birthday party was fun! I enjoyed it! I’m sorry if my karaoke singing of Peng You by Kim Chiu caused the brownout! Each one of us wanted to sing First Love, so it was reserved for about… 7 times? Hahaha! Maybe next time again? I just hope you like my gift. I asked my mom to buy it while she was in Shopwise. I hope you like the color!

Angela, by the way, you have a very sweet voice. You just need to improve it. But me, ahrrrr…. I need a professional trainer. It wasn’t good enough. Congratulations, btw, for having two 100 points in the karaoke machine! It was actually broken! ^w^ Just joking!


About school, whoa…

We’re so busy EVERYDAY. We always have quizzes and projects to worry about. And you’ll never believe, that there were times that we had 5 quizzes in one day and then the next day we’d have 3-4 new ones. Hectic and tiring I know. But it’s the last month of our high school life and so although I would experience all this hardship I’d try to enjoy myself with my friends and my beloved classmates.

Next week will be our final examination. The FINAL EXAM of high school. Haha. I’ve been trying to spot the ‘lasts’ in my high school life.  

I’ll do my best and pray hard to have excellent grades in the examination. I’m sure everything will go well.

And I think I will listen to Sakura Sake. It is an inspiring song by Arashi. It was used as the theme song for the commercial of a cram school in Japan which prepares students for entrance examinations in college. I’ll be getting some high spirits from that song and yes, pray earnestly. Next week is so important.

That’s all for now!

Current Music: Troublemaker by Arashi (watch the PV! It’s cute!)



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  1. Hahaha Thanks yui
    BTW do you know when we are singing first love
    the tent suddenly broke down??? hahahahahaha
    i will tell you the whole story on monday 🙂

    • waahhhh! malas yata yung first love, hindi yung peng you! hahaha.

  2. Yeah, we all have those moments. It’s going to be really tiring but you’ll get through it. Just don’t overdo it or you might get sick 🙂

    • Yes. I’ll try. I’m just THAT eager to study well so I’d have high grades in the end. But please, me, don’t overdo it. -_-

  3. hahaha, do i really have a sweet voice?
    hahahahahahaha! (can’t stop laughing)
    The Gods must be crazy, lol!

    well anyway it’s Leslie’s fault for renting a broken karaoke machine. XD

    yui-chan, let’s do our best!!
    we still have three weeks to enjoy our last senior year in high school

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