My Darling is a Foreigner

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Can’t wait to watch! It’s going to be shown on movie theaters in Japan on April 2010! Hope it will be subbed soon after!


I’ve seen the trailer and it seemed very comical, humorous, and light-hearted. Mao Inoue and Jonathan Sherr play the lead role of this movie. It is based on the original manga Darling wa Gaikokujin, which is about the mangaka Saori Oguri and husband Tony Laszlo.

TOKYO — Actress Mao Inoue, 23, and actor Jonathan Sherr, 35, who play the role of girlfriend and boyfriend in “My Darling Is a Foreigner,” attended a preview of their film this week, along with author of the original comic series Saori Oguri, 43, and her American husband Tony Laszlo, 49.

Sherr, who first met Oguri while teaching at an English conversation school five years ago, plays the role of Tony – a linguist who comes to Japan and begins a relationship with Inoue’s character Saori – a comic book artist who can’t speak English and whose parents are opposed to them getting married.

It seems like a nice story isn’t it? I look forward to this unique movie. Also, Mao is in it!

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  1. That seems like a nice story! 🙂 I think I want to watch it, I miss watching Asian stuff. Where do you get to watch Asian movies?


      Can’t wait to watch it!

      There are also korean and taiwanese dramas in those sites, btw.

      • I don’t recommend watching from streaming sites though as the quality isn’t that good compared to downloading the actual file. Though I’m guilty watching them from, the actual file download seriously beats streamlined videos for clarity (you can see the characters’ faces as well as the subtitles (very important)). Also, I noticed that there’s a lot of dramas with fansubs that aren’t proofreaded properly (or not proofread at all) and (since I know the basic Nihongo) a lot of mistranslations too.

        D-Addicts may have them. You can download via torrents.

  2. There’s been a lot of American movies in the past that have the similar themes as this one, so when I first saw the plot of this movie it’s pretty much nothing new to me. (I know, I’m a very harsh critic, but I’m being real here. x_x)

    But, considering it’s Mao Inoue, I’d watch it just because of her. 😛

    • yeah! that’s one of the main reasons. And it’s true, it’s better to watch downloaded ones. No long waiting. Just one very long and you can watch it continuously. But when I have no time, or the drama isn’t that great, streaming sites will do. -_^

  3. WOW. where can I download it?

    • I don’t think it’s available yet.

  4. Teelll me when is it available?!

    • I’ll try.

      • TQTQQ im loooking forward! 😀

  5. hi there, guess that movie is still not available , i know its realized in japan already , however dont you have any idea when we get it for Europe ! i am looking forward to watch it sooooo ^^plz give me a date 😀

    • Ok. Me too! I’ll tell you if I find one! 🙂

      • thank youuuu will keep looking for ue news then 🙂 hontoni arigatouuu

  6. Any news on the availability of this movie? Iv been searching for weeks trying to find it somewhere. Iv seen way way worse movies get online much sooner than this… I wonder why its taking so long?


    • I know right? I’m still searching for it. Maybe the subbers are waiting for the DVD to be released. Currently I’m aching to see the live action movie of Kimi ni Todoke and the movie, Hanamizuki! There’s just too much to wait for I hope they hurry up (Yes, I’m demanding…LOL.) 😀

  7. I just wanted to let you all know that the Darling wa Gaikokujin torrent is already out now!

    You can download it at Asia Torrents under the name of My Darling is a Foreigner. It’s a DVD Rip so the picture quality is very good, but the subtitles are only in Japanese.

    Hope this was helpful 🙂

    • thanks, iona-san! I’m sure someone will dub it… well, it’s Mao anyway!

  8. This movie reminds me of one of my favorite films; “My ass wiper
    is a Jap”

  9. Couple of comments…

    First of all, as far as I’m concerned the title is an insult; one can only imagine how a movie in the U.S with the title, “My Darling Is A Mexican” or “My Darling Is An Immigrant” would be greeted. It’s offensive in the extreme.

    Secondly, the movie plays into all of the typical stereotypes that the Japanese hold concerning the expat community here; we’re white, male and English teachers. Nothing could be further from the truth, and expats of color already have enough bias and discrimination to deal with as it is without it being perpetuated through film.

    I think it’s safe to assume that the primary audience this film is meant for are Japanese women (I doubt very much male expats will be enamored with it, although I guess there are exceptions to the rule), who will be able to vicariously live out their fantasies of being involved in an intimate relationship with an expat from the safety of the local movie theatre. Were many of these same women to pass an expat in the street on the way home from the movie, they would undoubtedly look away if he tried to make eye contact, or stare woodenly straight ahead as virtually all of them do. Because reality hardly ever fits the fantasy, and while many Japanese women find the fantasy of being involved with an expat to be titillating and exotic, most expat men are not the ever-smiling cardboard eikaiwa cut-outs, or some actor in a movie. They are real and complex and very, very different-a far cry from how they are typically portrayed in Japanese media.

    @Chikokishi: “Hearing english [sic] come out of a japanese [sic[ movie is insulting.” In what way? Should I be insulted if I hear Japanese in an English movie then? If the context is appropriate, of course not, but only someone subscribing to the basest of ethnocentricity would deign to make such an assumption

    • I do not mean that English in a Japanese movie is bad. I mean that Japanese is a brilliant language. Perhaps my comment is a stem off of the American Anime-lovers who can quote every line from Anime such as Dragonball Z and Inuyasha, yet they get bent out of shape when they can’t find the English dubbed version because they *hate* the Japanese language (I have met many people like this). In my opinion, if you love something that the culture puts out that much, why not put a little effort into trying to understand the culture that it has come from?

      As I said, I do not get upset when I hear English in a Japanese movie, I get upset at the people who refuse to try to understand a culture for what it is, and instead, they insist that other countries cater to the English language.

      Perhaps I think this way because I am dead set on becoming fluent in Japanese, and thus listening to it is way more enjoyable for me.

      • Interesting point: “I get upset at the people who refuse to understand a culture for what it is.” Perhaps this is why I find the mere concept of this movie so odious, because it panders to every stereotype the Japanese have about the expat community in Japan as a whole. Perhaps I get offended when I see this movie as a broader indicator of how the Japanese insist that expatriates conform to their vision of what we should be, and how they are ignored or marginalized when they don’t. But more to the point, your rebuttal still fails to address your underlying sentiment. Learning another language is not a “little effort”-it’s a sizeable task. And while that may be necessary, and indeed a requirement for expatriates who live in Japan, it’s a totally unrealistic expectation to foist on someone who has never been here nor has any intention to. If you are going to get pissed at people in English speaking countries who want dubbed versions of Japanese whatever, then you’d better be equally pissed at the Japanese who demand the same when it comes to English. It’s not an insult that subbing of Japanese movies in English, it’s practicality-it would be a monumental waste of time learning a language for solely that purpose, and a totally unrealistic expectation to do so.

      • Nah, you take my comment to the extreme. Subbing is great. If it were not for subs, I would be equally lost as every other American. I was directing my comment towards the people who prefer Dub over Sub because of their feelings towards the Japanese language. I sometimes (rarely) watch a dubbed movie, say when I am with friends and I am trying to gives them a good impression of a Japanese film. That way they won’t be annoyed by the Japanese.

        I am speaking about the “Otaku” people who geek out about everything Japanese, and then bash the language, or the culture.

        At first I was only saying that I hope a subbed version is released as opposed to a Dubbed version, as a dubbed version will not have the correct tonal quality and such that are needed in many movies (and are often duplicated poorly with the dubs).

        Perhaps I made too strong of a comment directed towards such a simple conflict of interest? ^^;

  10. So i’m guessing you’ve seen the movie by now right?
    What did you think of it? 🙂
    I’ve only jusssst finished watching it? 🙂

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