Happy Birthday Kame-chan!

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Happy 24th birthday, Kamenashi-san!

Nino and Kame are my favorites, “ichiban” in the net, in Johnny’s, and in the entertainment industry of Japan. They’re really great actors, very convincing, very hardworking, both sleeping 2 hours a day (whow!), good-looking, and great singers and dancers.

So, for his birthday I’d post all about him. ^_^

Name : Kamenashi Kazuya
Surnames : Kame, Kame-chan, Ka-kun, Kamehameha, Kamerin
Date of birth : February 23, 1986
Place of birth : Tokyo, Japan
Height : 171cm (5’7″)
Weight : 54kg (119 lbs)
Shoe size : 26.5cm
Eyesight : R:1.0 ; L:1.0
Blood type : B
Family : Parents, 2 older brothers, 1 younger brother, 1 niece
Occupations : Singer & actor
Talent Agency : Johnny’s Entertainment (since November 8, 1998)

Kamenashi Kazuya, or Kame as he is often called, is part of Johnny’s Entertainment group KAT-TUN. Although he is the youngest member, Kamenashi is usually the one that leads the group in the numerous TV shows or concerts they’ve been in. He is actually the “K” of KAT-TUN, and the main vocalist of the group with Akanishi Jin.

Kamenashi is passionate about baseball. He started playing when he was in the first grade and had represented Japan in the junior world leagues. Although he was later forced to give up the sport due to lack of spare time, Kamenashi had stated in interviews that Johnny Kitagawa, president of Johnny’s Entertainment, was supportive of his passion.

In late 2005, Kamenashi, along with Yamashita Tomohisa of NEWS, starred in “Nobuta wo Produce”. The two released their single Seishun Amigo under the name “Shuuji to Akira”, their character names in “Nobuta wo Produce”. The single is the No.1 best selling single on the Oricon Yearly Single Rankings for 2005. A few months later, KAT-TUN debuted with Real Face which broke a million nine weeks later, making Real Face Kamenashi’s second million seller single.

Favorite Colors : Black, White, Blue
Name’s origin : His mother wanted the “wa” of “heiwa” [peace] to be part of his name; it also comes from the name of “Kazuya”, a character from the manga “Touch”
Favourite Food : Steak, Rice, Fugu (blow fish), Squid (sushi), Bananas
Food He Hates : Pepper, Raisins
Favourite Sports : Baseball (has represented Japan in the junior leagues), Snooker (Billiard/Pool), Bowling, Basketball, and Water Sports
During his off days : Shopping, eating out, spending time at home
Favourite English words : “Challenge” and “Enjoy”
Pet : Kaninchen Dachshund named Ran-chan
Scariest thing on Earth : Betrayal
First thing that he’ll see in the oposite sex : Eyes
During a fire, thing he will choose to save : Photo album
Instruments played : Alto french horn (played in the wind orchestra during grade four)
Cooking : Chaahan (fried rice)
Childhood dream : Becoming a pro baseball player
Skill he’d like to have : Skill to memorize

  • If you compare KAT-TUN to a family, Kamenashi would be the oldest daughter.
  • Tagushi said he was “like a lone wolf sometimes”, “a really spoiled kid” and “the forerunner of times”.
  • He often forgets to click his tongue during the Real Face song.
  • Officially exclaimed KAT-TUN’s best impersonator (> Donald Duck, his dog, the frog from “Spirited Away”…)
  • If he was not an idol, he’d like to be just an actor.
  • “Kame” means “Turtle”, that’s why he says his animal analogy is a turtle.


  • Once I threw away my baseball gloves as I lost a competition, my father said to me: “you have to learn to treasure and appreciate the things/people that you think is important”. (e-pop – November)
  • Many times, I use my arms more than my brain. (e-pop – November)
  • “Today’s sky seems to be waiting for me. Because of its beautiful clouds and its beautiful colour, I spent a longer time looking at it.” I’m always writing this kind of sentences [in my diary]. (e-pop – November)
  • I think I want to live in this world for the rest of my life. (Wink Up – September 2004)
  • It’s my ideal to be in love with my partner for a long time and then marry her. (Wink Up – September 2004)
  • My father is a kid. Today he also called my mom and invited her: “Let’s go to the Tanabata festival together!” *laughs* (Wink Up – September 2004)
  • TV Shows

  • Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (TBS, 2010)
  • MR. BRAIN (TBS, 2009, ep3)
  • Kami no Shizuku as Kanzaki Shizuku (NTV, 2009)
  • 1 Pound no Fukuin as Hatanaka Kosaku (NTV, 2008)
  • Tokkyu Tanaka San Go as Shibahara Toru (TBS, 2007, ep9)
  • Tatta Hitotsu no Koi as Kanzaki Hiroto (NTV, 2006)
  • Kuitan (NTV, 2006, SP, cameo)
  • Yuuki as Yuuki (NTV, 2006)
  • Suppli as Ishida Yuya (Fuji TV, 2006)
  • Nobuta wo Produce as Kiritani Shuji (NTV, 2005)
  • Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 2005 as Kindaichi Hajime (NTV, 2005)
  • Gokusen 2 as Odagiri Ryu (NTV, 2005)
  • 3 nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei 5 as Fukagawa Akihiko (TBS, 1999)

    And that’s just about it. There are still many things I don’t know about him, but I do respect him as a professional person. I’m not really a fan of KAT-TUN, nor am I a fan of Akanishi Jin who is flooded with rumours and issues, but I do like some of their songs. 

    I first saw him in a friend’s magazine of Myojo. Back then I only knew Arashi and Hey!Say!Jump. I really thought that Kat-tun members were not good-looking and I had a bad impression of them. But when I watched One Pound Gospel, my first impression of Kame-chan changed. I found him very funny and bubbly. I laughed heartily because of his acting in One Pound Gospel. I did wonder why it didn’t receive much attention/award. With interest on him starting, I also watched Tatta Hitotsu no Koi where he acted a different role. He portrayed a quiet, hardworking, young man who wants nothing but the happiness of those around him.

    And he’s a great impersonator of animals and animation characters, too. Also, he’s the lead singer of Kat-tun.

    I don’t like it when he was coined as a “low-ratings actor.”  He’s very good. He portrays his roles in a perfect way.

    I look forward in watching more Kame dramas and in listening to his songs. I hope he becomes more successful but sleep more, and also avoid scandals that will ruin his image. Maybe I’ll make a fanfiction about him and Nino. -_^’

    Happy Birthday Kazuya-kun! Ganbatte kudasai!


    credits: asianbite, krfilm.net, coolmenshair.com, keychaines.blogdrive.com, Kame FL (K2), wiki.d-addicts.com



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    1. Looks like Kame’s dream of becoming a baseball star will finally come to fruition… well, sorta. 😀 Apparently he’s been given a sportscasting segment on one of the upcoming sports shows on NTV, according to TokyoGraph. I’m actually happy for him, because like you said, he does have good hosting skills, and in some ways, he reminds me of Nakai (SMAP). Maybe Johnny just wants Kame to… diversify seeing as his dramas haven’t been rating well lately. XD

      • yeah! I’ve heard of that! Great for him! And I hope the people would stop marking his new project with the word “low-ratings” because he might do better this time.

    2. Weeeeee! Happy birthday Kame! He’s exactly one month younger than me. He he! I’m still waiting for new episodes of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge to come out. I love this show of his. 🙂

    3. I’m one of the few people around the net who never use the term “ichiban” (literally translated as “first”) when I talk about my favorite idols because technically, it’s wrong usage. ^^ (many Japanese friends of mine are quite bothered with a lot of fans using this term the wrong way)

      I usually use the more correct term of “suki-na hito” or “suki-na aidoru” for “favorite person”/”favorite idol”. Whenever I see someone say “who is your ‘ichiban’?,” it automatically translates to me as “who is your ‘first’?.” “First” what? It’s not very specific, you know?

      I’m a general major sports fan and I usually appreciate idols who like the same sports as I do (baseball being one of them, as baseball is an American sport ^^; ) and sometimes I’d imagine me with them at the top of the stadium seats watching baseball and cheering for our favorite teams while talking about stats per player and all that.

      As far as “low-ratings” go, in general they would usually refer to the production/drama itself, and their criticism is so general that it even equates to having the actors cast in the production as being “low-rating” as well. The reality is, we as an audience do not know who the characters are before we actually see the show itself (unlike if they were based on a book or a manga).

      As mentioned before, I am not a KAT-TUN fan, which somehow makes it so hard to see Kame as an overall individual because I rarely pay attention to KAT-TUN altogether.

      Man. As of late I’m being drawn back to finding my love of video games again. In particular, the Ace Attorney series on DS. LOL XD I am not a good J-idols fan at all. x_x

      • there are many things (and many reasons not to) I don’t like Kat-tun, even Kame himself. But I am drawn to his talents and personality. I’m liking NEWS too. But compared to Arashi as a group I’m not a big fan of them. So, I’m probably not a good J-idols fan, too. I’m too picky and I like the individual more than the group. Just exclude Arashi from that. -_^

    4. you really like kamenashi right now… adik! haha 🙂

      • maka-Nino pa rin ako, Mrs. Yamada…. haha. Eto na naman tayo. ^_^’

        • hahaha dapat lang! wag mong gayahin ung mga ndi loyal! Mrs. Ninomiya :)) haha LOL
          ( k k lang kanya kanyang trip lang yan )

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