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February 15, 2010 at 10:59 am | Posted in Myself, school | 55 Comments
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Here is a quick post about my results in the NCAE (National Career Assessment Examination).

Jan ja-ja-ja-ja-jaaaaaaaaaan!

I got 99+ !!!

Yehey! It means excellent!

99+ is the highest a student can get from the NCAE. Because of that I ranked the highest in our batch in our NCAE. That’s cool, ne? It’s different from 96-99, which I think means High Average. Cool, ne? (Sorry for the ‘ne’ that I always use.) They say I’ll be getting an award, they say. I look forward to it!

And guess what? Last year or last last year, only 21 students nationwide have obtained this score! Those students now belong to the elite Club 99+. Very very cool, ne?!

Somehow I’m tempted to use this achievement to get what I want. Sigh. I shouldn’t. But of course, it’s a good point for yourself that you can get.

Thank you toย God for this award. I couldn’t have achieved this without Him. My mom just now told me to be humble, so I’ll use this post to thank Him for his shower of blessings to me which I have not been so grateful these years.


This is such a great achievement for me! It will definitely help me in my records that will be screened in college.

An update about today: I feel so bad today. I’m not in a good mood because of the people around me. I seem irritated. And there was a person whom I disappointed because of my sharp tongue. There was also a friend who seems to be angry with me. But I know tomorrow it must stop. No one is really destroyed by bad moods except yourself. So I won’t let petty feelings turn me upside down tomorrow. I’ll do my best tomorrow again!

Current Mood: sad, disappointed, irritated, tired (–__–‘ ) (T___T)

Current Music: Yurase Ima wo by Arashi, Ai Ai Gasa by Tegomass, Cherish by NEWS,ย Miso Soup English by Tegomass, Bokura no Machi de by KAT-TUN



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  1. *randomly drops in*
    ooooh, wow. 99+! I never did that well in that NCAE test >_> I dont even know where I put the final results >_>
    anyway, congratulations!
    And I hope you get the salutatorian (why not aim for valedictorian?) rank. I will certainly include that on my prayers. :]

    Godbless you!

    `carmine *drops out*

    • can i ask?pwede pa hu ba humingi ng another copy ng ncae result kapag nawala ito?

      • I don’t really know. Ask your teacher or principal.

  2. Uhm, If I remember it right, I got TWO 99+ on two parts of the NCAE,, can’t remember my average though..
    anyway, it amazes me that every time I visit your blog, I get to congratulate you.. and envy you at the same time..
    Haha! Good Job!! Keep it up! You’ll have more opportunities waiting for you in college..

    • naaah… I’ll try to look at your blog and do it, too! Anyway, I’ll add you in my blogroll, if it’s okay with you. And I should call you my senior, or ate since you’re in college, right?

  3. Congratulations, that’s a high score! ๐Ÿ™‚ I got a 99+ too but only on one part. Lol.

    I do think I hurt people because of my sharp tongue too, so I understand how you feel. Sometimes I’m just mean. If I don’t like you or something you did, I tell it to your face. I guess that everything’s going to be okay the next day, unless that person is someone who just doesn’t forgive easily. Hmm.

    • Ah… you too, huh? It’s quite hard to have a sharp tongue for me.

      I like your new avatar! It’s cute!

      • Yes, in fact I’ve been called tactless by some people. Lol. Sometimes we just can’t control our speech and that’s just sad. Oh well, so how did it go? Was your friend okay with whatever you said to her?

        Aww, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yes, she is. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s good then :p

  5. what is the meaning if you will have social as your recommended course…?

    • so you got social? hmm… I think it’s more on interaction with other people. So, you will practically get courses related to it. Maybe it would Com. Arts, International studies, social science, development studies, broadcast, diplomacy, and all the other courses related to liberal arts and social sciences. Research and there’s more.

  6. how can i get another copy of my ncae result?
    i really need it, but suddenly, i lost it…

    • I don’t really know. But it’s best to ask your teacher or your school secretary. Hope you had a high result too!

  7. My mother lost my NCAE result…
    may I request for another one?
    if yes just please email me…
    I really needed it…
    Thank you very much

    • For what reason do you need it? But if it’s a really important reason, then you can ask the school if they have an extra copy or else contact the website of the DepEd or NCAE and ask if they can give it to you. Hope that helps cause I don’t have one.

  8. oh really? how i wish i cud get a 100 !!!!lol.. hmmp,,, by the way ,,pls. pray 4 me dat i cud pass dis coming ncae test!!!!!! wuist.. gv me some sample questions of ncae test ????hope ul grant my request!!!pleaaaaseeeeeee!!!!!!!!! i want 2 be the valedectorian of our class….. d sad part lng …i’m jst on d 2nd rank….huhu!!!!

  9. wow!!!!!! WAT A great score!!!! i hope i cud get greater dan urs!!!! hihe .. hmmmp… congrats pala!!!!! wuist !!! please gve me some sample questions or just leakage from the questioner!!!? pls???
    bcoz i wnt 2 b d val.. n our class bt in dz 1st grad. results ..i’m quite a little down…2nd lng kc …i hope dz exam wil gv me d chance 2b on toop agen……

    • nah… i forgot about it already… but I don’t think you could get greater than mine… hehe… mine’s the highest kasi eh…. 99+ is the highest you can get eh…

      • saan ninyu nkita ung result??????????

      • um, last year pa po ako kumuha ng NCAE. Hintay na lang po kayo nung sa results niyo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. woahhh.. NCAE snmin sa sept. 29… hahaha

  11. ((:

  12. hIrAp nG tEsT. . .
    iT’S a lItTlE bIt eAsy. . .^^

  13. panu mkikita ung result?

    • in our school my teacher gave the results to us months later.

  14. paano po namin makikita yung result ng NCAE??
    kinakabahan po kasi ako dahil halos maraming hindi nakapasa sa mga classmates ko..
    i hope you post the results as soon as possible..
    saan website po namin makikita?
    at kailan?

    thanks for your kindness..
    more power!!!

    hope makapas.. =)

    • Your teacher/principal will announce to you the results. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. hi!

    good day^_^..can i meddle with the conversation?..hehe..

    according to our assistant principal, the NCAE results will no longer send a copy for we’re going to check the site..but i couldn’t find anyone know what’s the site of depEd or NCAE itself??!thank you very much

    • I don’t know either.

  16. paano ba makikita ang result sa ncae?last yr lng ako kumuha ng exam..salamat

    • usually kasi advisers or principals yung nag-aannounce nun.

  17. how did you get your ncae result ? When will i get mine ? just taken last year … thanks .. i’ll be waiting for your response … ty … God bless !!

    • Hmm… I got mine a year before I was able to get the result. All I know is that it will be announced by your advisers or teachers. I don’t think DepEd gives out letters of announcements on what you got. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • uhm . hindi ba yun pwedi makita through internet ??? . hmp ?? . repLy . ASAP !!!

      • please scroll up na lang po sa taas. I’ve said it a number of times already so I hope you understand.

  18. YEYYYY! just got my NCAE results today. i got 97 (ranked 3rd on our school, next to 99+ and 98..) i am so glad and had a DEEP BREATHE after the administrators announced the results….i didn’t expect this score but EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!! ๐Ÿ™‚ CONGRATULATIONS to everyone especially to you…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Do you Know where they post the NCAE results?

  20. How did you know that only 21 students got a 99+ nationwide a few years back? Do they post about it anywhere?

    Also, extremely late, but congratulations on the 99+ :DDD
    (I got 99+ too! /brofist)

    • I saw it at DepEd’s website. They said so. Anyway, congrats! Me too!

  21. Are you kapampangan? haha

    • haha no.

  22. ako rin 99+ eh! 2 lang kami sa school na nagkaganun. harhar..
    kaso nawala ko lang yung copy ko… huhuhuhu…

    • san ba pede makakuha ng copy???
      kailangan kasi eh… sabe ng kuya ko sa guidance daw… eh kaso sabe ng teacher ko original copy na ung binigay nya eh…

      • yun nga eh. wala talaga siyang copy ang alam ko. original ang binibigay ng deped sa school

  23. actually..I got 4 99+ in NCAE..hahahhaa.. I’m not being braggart but that’s true.

  24. ako din sa ..- 2011
    gen schola. – 99+
    tech.. – 99
    entrep.. – 99+

    sayang isang tirahan nalang nsa elite club 99+
    na ako…shekkzz..ukei lang kc top 25 ako sa skul ehh…

  25. ako din sa ..- 2011
    gen schola. – 99+
    tech.. – 99
    entrep.. – 99+

    sayang isang tirahan nalang nsa elite club 99+
    na ako…shekkzz..ukei lang kc top 25 ako sa skul ehh… :))

  26. ……………very good.
    i know your parents
    are very proud of you……

  27. ,.congratulations ! you deserve it!
    ,I got only 97,
    you did not forget to thank GOD!
    ,.that’s great!

  28. yeah !!!!!hehehe . got 92% on the examination!!!

    tnx GOD for helping me surpass it !!!

  29. Ako din. Hehe. 4 na 99+ ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. hi! that’s good for you! well,I have something to ask.Is NCAE needed in scholarships?how? Well I got 99+ in 3 categories. Can I apply a scholarship in CHED with that score?

    thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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