4 Reasons to Celebrate and 1 Not to…(Plus More Randoms)

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4 Reasons to Celebrate:

No. 1 – Fatima (my sister) won the school elections! Now she’s the Student Executive Board Secretary. AND GUESS WHAT…. She’s going to replace me as SEB Secretary! Haha! My own sister is my own successor! And I’m her predecessor!

No. 2 – I’m still the Top 2 of the Seniors!

No. 3 – Fatima (again (?) ) received an Honorable Mention award! First time in history!? Haha. Not that I’m cruel. It’s just that it’s her first time to receive an honorable mention award during her school years.

No. 4 – My other sister (Andrea – next to Fatima) received an Honorable Mention, too! Actually, she’s the Top 3 but now she was beaten. But it’s okay! We’re still proud of her!

And not to:

I’M IN A CRUCIAL MOMENT NOW. Sr. Austria, our adviser, advised us to get ready this 4th Quarter because the Top 3 positions that Ren, Jude, and I share are possibly going to be rambled. He advises us to do our best this last quarter of high school.

70% of our final grade will be composed of 70% of the 4th quarter grade and 30% of the 3rd quarter grade. So all these make up the 70% of the final grade. Then, the 30% of the final grade is composed of our extracurricular grades.

It is also hard because the three of us have a 93+ average grades this quarter with only decimal numbers as separators.

As I said this is very crucial, and so I ask the Lord to help me beat not Ren nor Jude but myself in this unlikely competition. I want to be the Salutatorian, because if I am discouraged now then I would never be able to get it. So may He give me strength and His grace. I know well I do not deserve it, but with God nothing is impossible.

I want to work hard and pray harder. I hope I can make it. Ganbarimasu! (I’ll do my best!)

Plus More Randoms:

I recommend these songs for listening: Kat-tun’s Bokura no Machi de, Arashi’s Sora Takaku and Yurase, Ima wo.

And I just watched SAIGO NO YAKUSOKU! I don’t want to be a spoiler so… to all those who are fans of Arashi, The Last Promise is a very good drama! All five of them together is very nice and sweet!




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  1. Salutatorian!! That’s very nice,, you should celebrate!

    • arigatou…

  2. Wow, you are all so smart! Keep up the good work! Top 2 is already a big thing, you really should celebrate šŸ™‚ And you’re going to be okay this quarter, I can tell. You’re a smart and hardworking student so I’m sure you can maintain your ranking. Oh no, scratch that. Heck, I think you’re going to be number 1 this quarter. Haha. Good luck!

    • shucks! Hehe.

      • Hey, it’s possible. :))

  3. International Studies!!!!
    That’s my dream course!! My first choice!! *extremely jealous*

    • And I am currently questioned about it… (0_-‘)

      Hey, can I add you in my blogroll? Your from the Philippines, too, so I don’t think it would be hard to relate with each other.

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