Baywalk – with the Koreans!!

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Ok… this post will only have my experiences. Next post, I promise, will be the pictures I took.

Today we (selected senior students) went baywalking with 9 Korean exchange students, two sisters, and one teacher. They came from Sangji Girls Middle and High School. They’re very nice people! But unlike us Filipinos, they tend to be more shy.

ENGLISH. Julie, Leslie, Tata, Jude, Daim, Ren, and the others were assigned by the older sister, Sis. Therese Choi to be the “english teachers” of each of the Koreans. They really trust that we’re good in English. And maybe that’s the reason we can talk so endlessly with them. So, we went with our “buddies” and it really increased our friendship with them.

BAYWALK AT NIGHT. It was such a long walk but it was worth it! We get to see sights and the city at night.
We also passed through CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) and took many pictures. I will never forget that Korean math teacher who really photographed every single scenery. He doesn’t seem to be a math teacher! But he seems to be kind though.

JOLLIBEE AND BAZAARS. The group stopped near Jollibee, rested, took pictures, and chatted. While the Koreans were outside (I don’t know what they did), the “local” group was inside Jollibee eating.

GOING HOME. My new Korean friend, Seongyeon, is very nice. I only had some little trouble speaking english with her but our every conversation was ALL WORTH IT. I really enjoyed this night with them, especially her. I came to know a lot about Korea through her and we laughed about different things. There was also her cellphone (slide/touchscreen) which costs about 20$ (!!!) I don’t why that is, but that was a shocker!

This was a very wonderful night for all of us. I also liked the trip because Leslie and Julie were there. I’m so thankful for this opportunity. I won’t forget it. 🙂 -_^

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  1. Looks like you enjoyed hanging out with Koreans! It’s cute when Asian people go to the Philippines because they’re so shy and all that. But they’re nice, aren’t they? And yes, my Korean classmates said that a lot of them go here because they want to improve their English.

    It’s so nice that you brought them to great places. CCP and Baywalk? Gosh. I don’t know where the admin and the foster sisters bring the Japanese and Korean people when they come here because I don’t know of a good place near Pasig. 😐

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