TAIYOU NO UTA (Song of the Sun)

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I just watched a very inspiring and emotional movie called Song of the Sun or TAIYOU NO UTA starring YUI (singer) and Oguri Shun’s real-life best friend, Takashi Tsukamoto. It is also known as Midnight Sun.

I tell you, it’s a must-watch. It was an entry in the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. YUI won a Best Newcomer award with this movie which featured three of her great songs: Good-bye Days (theme song), It’s Happy Line, and Skyline.

I won’t make any reviews for now. But I’ll give the summary and details. Douzo!

From Wikipedia (summary and pictures):

Kaoru Amane (雨音 薫 Amane Kaoru), a 16 year old girl who has the rare skin condition xeroderma pigmentosum (XP, info here), a disease that makes the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight potentially lethal to her. Kaoru is out almost every night playing and singing in front of the station. By day she sleeps, but every morning she sits by the window of her room to watch a young surfer, Kōji Fujishiro (藤代 孝治 Fujishiro Kōji), played by Takashi Tsukamoto, who usually waits by a bus stop for his friends before they go surfing each morning.

One day, she introduces herself to him and becomes friends, without letting him know about her illness. Can her feelings and songs reach him? What will he think of her illness if he finds out?

That’s all for now. I gotta say that I love the chemistry between the two. I’ve been crying since the middle part of the movie, and if not because of YUI or his dad it was Takashi. His character is an understandable and sympathetic one. He is usually the one who leads the characters in the movie.

Current Music: Good-bye Days and Tomorrow’s Way by YUI



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  1. ne yui-chan.
    I’ve only watched the jdrama series of Taiyou no Uta not the movie.
    It’s a great one, you should watch it too.
    And i think that one is better, haha.
    The main cast there is Erika Sawajiri.

  2. I’ve been meaning to watch this movie (I’m a sucker w/ surfing-themed movies… kinda obvious reason why haha!) for awhile now but I’ve failed at finding a subbed version of it so I kinda put it off. I also wanted to watch “Catch a Wave” (noted to me by the “Kyon Dog” because “the cousin” was in it) but I couldn’t find a subbed version of it.

    I haven’t heard from Takashi Tsukamoto for awhile now. I used to follow Oguri, Narimiya, and Tsukamoto all the time while I was in my Arashi fandom “hey days” since in many of their TV dramas, any one of the three (or all three of them) would always be part of the cast. Ah, memories. LOL

    And YUI is totally win. One of the best singers I’ve heard as of late. 🙂

    I wrote a very extensive Arashi (and other idols) fanfic that’s never finished called “Surfside Jam” back in the early 2000s. It used to be a hit with the Arashi fans because I had the guys and everything set at a small town at the beach and all of that. Because my old forum no longer exists I’ve been trying to extract the mySQL database to get the fanfic out (since I wrote everything on the forum and not on a doc format x_x), but I’ve been failing. One of my resolutions is to master the SQL language so I can get info out of existing databases.

    So yeah. One day if I do succeed, maybe I’ll rewrite it again. We shall see. 🙂

    • The movie is in dramacrazy.net

      I watch frequently there and in asianrice.tv or mysoju.com

      It’s a beautiful movie. I like it better than Sawajiri’s drama version even though I haven’t seen it.

      And your fic was a hit? I’ve always wanted to write a fanfic that will be a great hit! Because I would like to make a little or short novel that would be successful someday. Mitai na…

      • Not very fond of Sawajiri, especially with all the crap she’s been up to that made her one of Japan’s least favorite celebrities with all the number of scandals she’s gotten in to.

        I admired her acting in 100 Litre of Tears, but that was it. I lost respect for her when she started getting in to all sorts of trouble. It’s like “Come on, you’re given the opportunity to have a huge name while people around find respect for you. Don’t screw it up.” You know?

        Is there any site that offers the movie in fresh download? ‘Cuz now I can’t stand streaming sites since my net has been very slow for streaming sites as of late.

  3. http://www.asiatorrents.com/details.php?id=d7292471c994df1cd9201cf17fa07700be85cc5b

    This is the only link I could find since it doesn’t seem to be in d-addicts. Hope the link works! There’d be (or there might be) some advertisements when you open it so just press the skip button. 🙂

    And um… I think you need to register first. Sigh… but it might be worthwile. So, that’s all.

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