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Cory Aquino – our beloved late president who has been the first female Philippine president and promoter of democracy. Hence, she is the Mother of Philippine democracy and our mother and inspiration, too.

Sho Sakurai and Tabe Mikako – Sho,newscaster and rapper of Arashi. Mikako, a popular actress who starred in many award-winning dramas and is a Best Actress herself.

Miggy! – my little 3 year old cousin! I pray that he’ll grow up strong, kind, and loving!



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  1. Wow, lovely new layout & banner. Luvin it! 🙂

    Every time I hear Cory Aquino’s name, also reminds me of my final years of childhood before my family and I moved to the U.S. My final years was all turmoil and revolution and it was somewhat a scary moment. My family on both sides were “torn” from each other because half was on Cory’s side and the other from Marcos’ side. My aunt even told me once that my parents almost got divorced due to political reasons (Dad was for Cory, Mom was for Marcos), which I personally think was ridiculous. But what really worried my mother though was that my father was an active participant in those People Power movements at Edsa. My mother’s workplace, which was located at Edsa area, was also taken over by the military as their “base”, which scared everyone in there.

    When Cory Aquino finally ascended to presidency, that was when my dad’s immigration Visa to the U.S. was approved and that it was our opportunity to leave the Philippines for a new life here in the U.S. Sorry to say but I’ve never really experienced the Philippines when Cory was president. My entire childhood had Marcos as the president/dictator/whatever, so I never really got to experience life in the Philippines with someone else as the president.

    I made a small “Happy Birthday” message to Sho as well in my blog, but it was a bit of a rant (towards the fangirls who seemed to be always raving and raving about his photo shoot in the infamous An-an Magazine and got me irritated thinking that’s all they like about him. Like really…). I did a bit of “research” on Mikako Tabe and I’m pretty convinced that she must be indeed a talented actress. She started off portraying a “half-guy, half-girl” character Yaten Kou/Sailor Star Healer at the Sailor Moon musicals on live stage. As you knowing stage acting, it’s not easy. But I wish she had more projects because I’m seeing Keiko Kitagawa (Sailor Mars in the live-action Sailor Moon series) everywhere now (and it’s getting annoying IMO >_>).

    And a happy birthday to your little cousin. ^_^

  2. You think so too about his photoshoot?! Aah! Really! It irritated me how a lot of fangirls go crazy over that! If I was Sakurai’s manager I’d tell him not to. I want him to keep that pure and dorky image, you know.

    Tabe-chan was a lead in Hinokio with Hongo Kanata and Horikita Maki. By now her latest work was Tsubasa (NHK), where she won a Best Actress award.

    Thanks for the greeting and praise! ^_^

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