What I Passed and Didn’t Pass

January 19, 2010 at 9:03 am | Posted in Myself, school | 4 Comments
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Right now I’m kinda’ disappointed a little for not being able to pass that one school I hoped to pass. But maybe that’s not the school for me, so I accept it. I’m not crying right now. Just accepting what has turned out.

I looked at UP (University of the Philippines) and Ateneo de Manila University’s website for the entrance exam results. With a serene heart I looked for my name.

It wasn’t there.

Here are what I passed and didn’t pass.


1. UST – Not that I’m boasting, but it was pretty easy. Perhaps my course didn’t have the quota thing, but the entrance exam was definitely easy. 100%

2. La Salle – It was moderately difficult. I had some hard time but because of my previous experience of exams in UP and Ateneo I knew how to deal with it, especially when I didn’t know the answer. 75%


1. Ateneo – Oh! My first ever dream school that I really want to study and live in for the next four years. My failure really saddened me, but only to a certain degree. The questions are very hard and the time pressure is so stressful! I really like this school because of the values it upholds. But I guess if I really wanted to enter it I could try my best to transfer. Oh the blue-spirited school! 50%

2. UP – From the beginning I already knew I didn’t do well so I predicted that I wouldn’t pass it. Anyway, not that I’m so proud or anything, but I wouldn’t really like to study there for personal reasons. 25%

You might be wondering what the percent’s are. They indicate my possibility of getting accepted.

Well then I guess I would really enter La Salle. I just hope that we can get through the financial problems it would cause. Even if I didn’t pass the two top schools in the Philippines, I’m still glad to have taken an examination there. I’m still thankful of Heaven for granting me acceptance in the two other schools.

Current Music: Hoshi ni Negai wo by Kawabe Chieko (half-Filipino) – love her

Current Agenda: Studying for Physics exam tomorrow!



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  1. sorry for the results.. yes, please do something about Ateneo.. if you really wanna study here, you could like get this re-consideration something.. not sure though.. hope to see you around Ateneo before i leave =(

    • hehe. I hope so. So you’re from Ateneo? Wow. I guess I’ll try. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I’m going to study in DLSU too. See you there 😀 I didn’t see my name in the UP online list but three people said that I got in. I don’t know, I’m just going to wait for the letter to know if I passed or not.

    Good luck with your exams!

    • I guess I’ll do that too. (^_^’)

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