An Average of 4 Hours of Sleep Everyday

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And I’m totally exhausted. I’ve been sleeping for 3-5 hours everyday, especially this week, to finish my critique paper in Physics. Because of that I even thought that if our teacher gives me a grade less than 90 I would really go ask him why. I really worked hard for it and I don’t think it’s anything not good. And I’m exhausted because of it! T_T’


Today, I’m more tired! My friends and I tried to finish the BIG HOUSE for our project in Math. It was from 9:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. No breaks except watching youtube and singing with An-chan as usual. (Sorry Anji-chan. An-chan is more shorter and cute too. (^_^’) ) And did I say that it was very hot today, too? It seems that it’s not just the clothes I’m wearing. Sigh. Anyway, our house is almost done. We just need to paint it and avoid having competitions. Everyone is trying their best to have the most attractive room and it’s tiring.

Today, I just finished Heaven’s Wind!  It’s a fanfiction that I’ve been reading and waiting for for many months now to finish. And it was so satisfying, romantic, heartwarming, and pure. Ohno and Aki are a beautiful couple and the author is super duper amazing! It’s like reading a short novel, a professional novel!!! I could quote a lot from their conversations but here is a good one:

“If I had a single flower for every moment I thought of you, I could walk forever in my garden.”

– Lord Ohno

And here is an excerpt from TV Guide translated by kikinini’s VOX.

“I like Lavenders.
Because I have strong image of  good smell of bath oils. (Laugh)
I also like Sunflowers. Because you get the seeds from them, right?
I like the flowers with “plus something extra” that is good for seeing and enjoying .
As I recall, I recevied big flowers from other members for my exhibition,
and it made me happy and I felt their “Love”!! (Laugh)
If I present flowers to the girl…
How about mixing only one genuine flower in the fake bouquet?
Saying “Here you go” and gave to her.
when she would say, “This is not real!”
I’d say “There is only one real flower in it. “
and that has a message of “You are the only one”….(shy smile)

That’s all for today. Anyway, I’m really loving WaT more, both Wentz and Teppei together and not just Teppei. They’re really amazing songwriters/singers and I love their songs very much. Very catchy and beautiful. But don’t think I’m loving Arashi less! I still like these bunch of guys but I think I should try to discover other things too. It’s healthier.

Current Music: Kimi Dake by Teppei Koike

Current Mood: sick and dizzy



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  1. I would love to be stuck in Ohno’s garden!

    • it’s so romantic isn’t it? I mean him? LOL. The quote was nice, huh.

  2. The quote was very nice~ from the lips of a smart person..

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