First, La Salle, then the Scholarship, next is…

January 15, 2010 at 10:28 am | Posted in Myself, school | 3 Comments
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UST! I passed the examinations! And I qualify for my two choices: Communication Arts and Asian Studies! Yey! My dad will be really happy to hear this! Not that I’m boasting, but for me the exam was moderately easy, moderately difficult. But I did work hard for it!

Unfortunately, many of my classmates didn’t make it. Some were in the waiting list, while some literally got rejected. Judennesse, student council president, had quota courses and so she probably didn’t make it to the top list for that choice. Even smart Loureen didn’t passed.

It’s probably the courses and the limited number of students who can enter the course. I hope that Jude-mon (my nickname for her from digimon, made it up >_<‘) will be able to pass U.P. because she has only taken 2 entrance exams so far. I’ll pray for you, Judy! -_<‘

Although I don’t plan to enter UST because of La Salle and Ateneo, I’ll try my best not to show that because others didn’t pass but I did. So I’ll keep my plan to myself.

Thank you, Lord!

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  1. Congratulations for passing the USTET! 🙂

    Have you seen your ACET results? 😀

  2. no not yet. I don’t know when but I think it’ll be released this January or February. Thanks!

    • It’s already out 🙂

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