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Today I had a fight with the director of our stage play. She felt that I was more of a director in the stage. I explained to her that I am not satisfied with how the actors/actresses act so I make a lot of cuts during the rehearsal while she was sitting on the other side. And now she wants me to exchange responsibilities with her. She will become the assistant and I will be the main director. Sure, I can. But I don’t want the name or the responsibility. I think that it’s her problem she doesn’t do what I do. She just needs to do more or watch over the production staff.

To end the conflict, we decided that we will divide our responsibility. I will be the director for the acting while she will be the director for the production, sounds, and effects. Although I hugged her in the name of peace, I still feel a little irritated about what happened. And I lost my confidence in directing. I felt that I had created a lot of enemies when I disagreed with others. And now I feel so bad. I hope it will be fixed and peace will be restored. This is no time for petty quarrels.

Anyway, I’ve been into Lovely Complex movie and anime and I really like it. There’s so much you can get from it and I can actually relate to Koizumi’s experiences. Not that I am as tall as she is, but that I have other “complexes” when it comes to love and boys, too.

I really like like like this anime/movie – Love.Con. The story is sympathetic and original. And the characters, especially Koizumi and Otani are so cute and loveable. And Teppei-san (Koike) and Otani (anime) are so cute. I recommend it. It’s a must-see must-know story that you will really love!

Also, I’m beginning to love Tegomass from NEWS. They’re really good singers and their songs are so touching, romantic, beautiful, and catchy. My first favorite song from them is the ending theme of Love.Con, “Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song.” I’ve not been so touched by a song for a long time now. The translation makes me so teary-eyed.

That’s all for now. Oyasuminasai!

Current Song: Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song by Tegomass

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  1. I’ve read the manga first like 2 yrs ago (my sister owns the series), then saw the anime and then the movie w/ Teppei Koiki and Ema Fujisawa. One of the things I love about this series, other than it’s a romantic school comedy, is that the first time that I’ve heard the Kansai dialect in full-blast conversation.

    This is coming from someone who’s studied 4+ yrs of Japanese and felt that the Kansai dialect was like a whole new language. For those who aren’t too familiar with the Japanese dialects spoken around Japan, the story takes place in Osaka, which is the largest city in the entire Kansai Region. From what I’ve studied, Kansai people are very patriotic and proud of their culture, being that in ancient times, Osaka and Kyoto were the ancient capital cities for the longest time until Tokugawa won the entire civil war in Sengoku Era and moved the capital city to Edo (modern day Tokyo). I guess you can say that many patriotic Kansai people (the older traditional ones) felt “robbed” of their historical legacy and “refused” to actually “adopt” the Kanto dialect (the standard “official” Japanese language) and stick to their Kansai dialect.

    So, a bit of history lesson haha. Glad you’re enjoying the series. The manga series was actually booklisted in the 2007 Best Graphic Novels for Young Adults by the Young Adult Library Services Association here in the U.S., so it’s actually recommended reading by teens & young adults here LOL. ^^

  2. Teppei Koike… my bad, typo. x__x

    I also think that Koike was the right actor to cast as Ootani and because he’s from Osaka he probably didn’t have problem speaking Kansai dialect the “correct” way. I heard it’s pretty difficult for a non-Kansai Japanese person to portray/imitate a Kansai Japanese person, so ^^;

  3. ah…I’m liking him. Just now I’ve seen some parts of KIDS, his 2008 movie where he was a nice boy who can transfer the wounds of others to himself. He’s such a cute actor with eyes that melt. Really love him.

  4. I hate getting into arguments too, but sometimes it just happens. Everything’s going to be okay with you though because at least you’re doing your job well. 🙂 It’s not your problem anymore if she doesn’t want to do hers.

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