Christmas Report/Year-End Message and Lookbacks

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Ahhh! I don’t know what to say! It has been really great! Although I wished for a much quieter and peaceful Christmas, there were times that I can’t help but be surrounded by people and listen to the noises. But then again, I’m happy because this Christmas I was able to make lots of friends. Even with boys. I’m not really friendly towards them but this year I improved a lot in my relationships and connections with people I don’t usually get along with. Also, my dear original friends in school are back in my life and this year it was really fun to be with them! Additional to that is the online friends I made. I’m really glad about this year. I think I can put it in one phrase: “Friendship and Sisterhood.” Not only did I appreciate the value of friendship unlike before, when I was a total loner (like Nino, yes), me and my sisters had a really good time with one another and I think that our bonds is stronger than ever.

My Christmas season is really an active one. Yesterday we had our Choir x Altar Server Christmas party and it was full of fun! Sigh… but love problems are getting on my way. No further comments…

2009 was full of ups and downs, I feel that I was very bad this year but I’m glad that although I struggle to be good there is always the desire for me to seek out virtues. And I thank you, Papa God. I had so many fights that have been cleared on just one day. But when it comes to the student council, I’m dissatisfied. I feel that it wasn’t enough of me.

TO MY FRIENDS: Hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu!!! Because of you all I was able to smile and laugh heartily again (accompanied by very corny jokes). I was able to value friendship better and I am glad to be able to eat with many people during lunch. Thank you for being my friends! I want you all to know that I’m very proud of you! Let us not forget each other even after we graduate. You’ll always be in my heart, everyone. 

(To Leslie: Please stop bullying me -_-‘) 

(To Angela: You were my first best friend who really stayed for more than 2 years. Thank you for being my irreplaceable friend.)

TO MY SISTERS: IF God would would ask me now if I want to replace you three, I would say no immediately. You three are like no other. Let’s forget our faults and be always happy with each other. I love you all very much.

TO MY PARENTS: I’m really SO sorry for all of my rebellions and disobedience. I’ll do my best next year to be better. Thank you for all the support you gave me so I can take exams in prestigious universities.

TO ARASHI: Thank you for your songs and everything else. Unlike the celebrities nowadays you are very different. Sho-kun, Aiba-kun, Ohno-kun, Jun-kun, and most especially Nino-kun, who inspired me not to compete with anyone but to appreciate others, thank you. You’re a great influence in my life. Thank you for making me laugh all the time. Congratulations for your success these years. Please do not change. But be better persons with amazing values in life! God bless you all!

TO MY COUNTRY: Thank you for taking care of me. Although I may love Japan, I will not let you be my second best nor forget and abandon you. I hope to be always loving towards my country, Philippines. You are like no other.

TO GOD, MY FATHER: Thank you, Father, for all your gifts to me. Thank you for giving me my talents, and thank you for forgiving me all of my sins and shortcomings. I have been very selfish and wordly this year. That is why I pray that next year I would be a better person, filled with virtues and values in life. Please take care of me and my family always and lead me to where I should go. I hope to pass in La Salle and Ateneo, and be Salutatorian, so I place these concerns in Your hands. Papa God, be always at my side and help me to love. For in the end what truly matters is that we loved.

I might have sounded very cheesy and emotional here, but I really want to share my thoughts to everyone.

I look forward to next year! God bless 2010! Ganbarimasu!

credits to caramelbox


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  1. hahaha i won’t!!! 😛

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