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To adri-chan – I’m really into All or Nothing by Arashi now. I like the rhythm, Sho’s usual mastery in rap, and Nino and Ohno’s duet.

I recently watched Door to Door starring Ninomiya Kazunari. It was about Kurosawa Hideo, familiarly called Hide-chan, a 22 year-old disabled person who dreams of becoming a salesman like his father who had died when he was still very young. Hide-chan has celebral palsy, making him unable to do some things without his hardworking mom, whom he almost never see sleep. Through the encouragement of his mother, he applies in Kira Kira Water Filter Company. Although the owner wanted him to quit or resign by sending him to a destination who cannot afford the product, water filters, through the help of people whom he has crossed paths with and his own determination empowered by his mother’s daily quotes from her late husband , he rises to becomes the top salesman in the company.

from: (drama wiki)

The plot was very simple but all the other factors had made it very heart-warming and tear-dropping. The supporting characters had made it more touching. It also had a good script – the words every character say are deep, inspiring, and warm. The cast, especially Ninomiya-san and Higuchi Kanako, created a perfect mother-child chemistry and their acting have been complementary to each other.

The SP drama have thought me many things, but for now, like Hide-chan, I would also like to work hard and put my heart in my work in the future, never giving up but determined to put the best interest of others into priority.

Good job, Nino!


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  1. To adri-chan – I’m really into All or Nothing by Arashi now. I like the rhythm, Sho’s usual mastery in rap, and Nino and Ohno’s duet.

    Now you see why that song “baited” me to be an Arashi fan LOL. 😛

    It’s a classic, but it seems many of the “newer” Arashi fans have never heard of it or even recognize it. Though it wasn’t released as a single, it was one of their best “non-single” tracks. It was like with “Lucky Man” on their 3rd album (How’s It Going?), but I still think All or Nothing was better though.

    Door to Door is actually based on an American true story about a salesman named Bill Porter who had cerebral palsy. I also saw the movie back in the early 2000s too on TV (it’s also called “Door to Door“). When a few Arashi fans kept recommending me to watch the SP w/ Nino, I read the summary and I was like “Hey, this sounds familiar.” Then I remembered that this was a true story that was featured on the newspapers here and had a movie about it. When I told them that the SP is simply a retelling of the original, they didn’t believe me, arguing that it’s an “original script.” I swear, people should do more research before they open their big mouth. =T

    So, it’s all the more that this story is inspiring because it was indeed based in real life… well, here in the U.S. that is.

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