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 I was reading the latest translated interviews in an Arashi community and read Nino’s solo interview in a certain magazine. I realized, just as I usually do, that Nino has really deep thoughts which are very touching and true most of the time. And I say that I love Nino’s interviews. They seem to be so pure and sincere. And now I’m really starting to notice that his interviews are very loved by Arashi members and we all find them philosophical and interesting of Nino. I just love Nino. ^-^

Here are bits from the magazine translation. The green indicates the interviewer.

  • From Ninomiya Kazunari, various expressions can be seen peeking out. He has received high praise as an actor, but even in such a place, glimpses of it shows up. With those acting skills, he has also just received the Individual Galaxy award.“It’s something to be grateful for. It’s just, I also thought, “What’s with that?” It’s like, receiving a prize does not mean you’re great.”It’s exactly because of his cool-headed way of saying that, that his present “greatness” exists. He does not get high spirited at glory. He is not shaken. Even regarding the tremendous popularity of Arashi, he has the same point of view.
  • “If we’re talking about it ultimately, with work or anything, I think of myself as the person who created the present situation I am in right now. Of course, in this world, there are cases like in which you apply to enter a company that you wish to, but that’s not like that. However, because it’s the path that you have chosen for yourself, won’t you have fun in your own way? Even I myself, even if I’m busy, I think I’m happy just to be able to work.”
  • I want to live by accepting my partner’s feelings
    No matter what, it changes based on how he wants to accepts it. That’s why, he values having positive feelings.
    “For example, even when you’re complaining, if the basis for it is filled with positive feelings of wanting to advance forward, then it won’t be a complaint, and the person who is listening to it won’t hate it as well. In actuality, I think that I myself too, became stronger after being able to be grasp various things in an affirmative way. Even things that I don’t like, the things that are far away from me, I accept them honestly. Not accepting them with criticism, but to accept them affirmatively, my own possibilities are widened, and I think it is also connected to self-confidence.”
  • It’s not the form, but saying thank you from the heart that is important
    “What I’ve thought along the way after coming in contact with so many different people during work is, manners are important. Even though I say that, it doesn’t mean things like speaking in keigo (formal language) to seniors. Because words with no heart in them have no meaning in them. I want to be someone who always say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart.”
  • For the sake of myself, to not compare myself with others, and to not be swept away
    “I think the fact that this group called Arashi has stayed unchanged for all this time is because we don’t compare with anyone. We have never been subservient towards great people that we see, and on the other hand, we haven’t been swept away in that direction as well. Even as an individual, I think, isn’t it the best to just walk the path that you believe in?”

Nino might be a brat to many Arashi fans, but, unlike them, I see the more sincere and deep thinker Nino. I know him more in his inner sentimental yet objective side. In that interview I just read, you can see Nino as a very humble, hardworking, and optimistic person. Even in dark and lonely times he finds ways to feel better and enjoy all that he is given. He doesn’t complain but see the good ideas of others too. And, according to him, all the awards he received and his popularity, doesn’t change or shake him. He’s still the happy Nino who finds joy in his work and does his best in everything to reach success.

Pardon me for a little fangirling at this moment, but I really think that Nino can be an ideal guy for me. He’s my opposite, and rather than discouraging me it actually made me think that, ah, I would like someone as deep, sincere, humble, hardworking, optimistic, witty, and enthusiastic as Nino (and yeah, add the childish traits of him). I can’t really put every detail in words, but I can visualize it in my mind.

Ah… I really find Nino’s character/personality interesting. He’s not the perfect guy, but his imperfections and traits are really fascinating. I wonder if I could find someone like Nino. LOL. I want Nino to teach me a lot of things!

Not just Nino, but all the members of Arashi I really like. They are friends and brothers at the same time. They don’t compete with any other group but their own selves by improving what they can and working hard. These are just some of the things I like about Arashi.

I didn’t go to Simbang Gabi because I’ll be studying something. But I will if I can! I hope to celebrate a wonderful Christmas happy and in peace with everyone. May God grant this in our homes!

Credits: arashi_on, plueonigiri @ lj (Thanks!)



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  1. You know what’s interesting though? A lot of other fangirls say the same thing for their own favorite idols (or Arashi members in this case) as your thoughts about Nino in this entry. I know it’s a mean and cruel thing to say but if you do think about it (or take the time to read and observe other fangirls’ blogs/LJs/etc.), it’s pretty factual. I’ve seen some of my friends and other fans around who write something like this about their fave idols, even referencing certain types of translated magazine article interviews (or even TV interviews) like the way you did. However, we all know that in future interviews that their answers would eventually change, which is where many fangirls may seem to be turned off by their “new views”.

    And then there’s this “perfect guy” thing. Fangirls are strange sometimes if you think about it. One day they say (insert idol’s name here) is their “perfect guy” after reading a few translated articles here and there. Then the next thing they find another new idol, do the same thing, and then they say that this new idol is their “perfect guy.”

    With all these thoughts and observations, it sorta gives me the idea that all (male Japanese) idols are the same? That would also be another cruel thing to say, but then again…

    The Simbang Gabi mass that my choir and I sang at yesterday morning didn’t end until 6:50 am (mass started @ 5:30 am) and it was really long. Luckily for me I asked for the day off from work today and went to work yesterday (I’m usually off on Tuesdays).

  2. ah…someday the word “fangirling” and “fangirlism” might be seen in the dictionary! But I don’t mind you expressing your opinion! It’s okay. It’s true. After I posted this I laughed but you know, I don’t fall in love or like anyone here in my country. And I think of Nino as someone who’s really amazing and has a fantastic personality. It’s like, I would like someone like Nino because I set high standards. Tsk. Tsk. Although….hmm…. I don’t think of the word perfect though. But yeah, it’s alright. Sometimes I just can’t help it. Haha.

    I’m objective when I read comments, and I don’t defend myself to the maximum when I know I’m not right.

    I’ll be singing a solo in the choir, so I have to practice the song!

    • Oh it’s gonna happen. Those words will be in the dictionary one day. ROFL

      Back in the old fandom days when I used to write opinions like that on my friends’ blogs it’s either they won’t answer me, confront me on IMs, or they write another rant in their blog directed right at me, saying horrible things about me just because of an opinion. Today, not anymore. Those same friends just take my opinions into a different approach and eventually they would have a more proper answer, whether they disagree w/ me or not.

      It’d be nice to sing solo in the choir but altos/contraltos don’t sing that many solos in a church choir. It’s always the sorpranos. Sometimes I would do a few solos but only as a back vocal to the lead vocal. It sucks I don’t have a singing voice high enough to be soprano LOL. ^^

      • I’m soprano! I think. I can sing the moderate and high notes. And about those friends, then it’s nice that they finally understood you, ne.

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