Sleep till you drop!

December 14, 2009 at 10:06 am | Posted in J-Pop/J-Music, Myself, school | 3 Comments
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I was very sleepy all day long. And now, I don’t have a voice to sing any Nami Tamaki songs which are usually very high in pitch. I guess I should be more active in school (although it is impossible to be sleepy after lunch!) to avoid being accused by my classmates of sleeping, even though I was an honor student.

These days I’ve been dancing while/and singing Nami Tamaki songs such as Realize, Believe, You are the Music in Me (Japan version – better, actually), Reason, and My Way. These days I’ve been really liking music – singing, dancing, and playing the piano.

I hope I’ll have full strength and genki-ness tomorrow! I need it!

Current Music: You are the music in me – Nami Tamaki ver.



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  1. I also fall asleep a lot these days, but not in school. XD

    You can play the piano? Jealous 😦

    • na… it’s actually easy to self-study it if you really want to.

      But I guess your fave. instrument is your voice? 🙂

      • You studied by yourself too? Lol, I’ve been trying to study it for a long time now but I really can’t read music so XD And, well, yes =)) I really love to sing 😀

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