10 Hard Habits to Break

December 9, 2009 at 11:48 am | Posted in Myself, Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve been very disappointed of myself because of the attitudes that I show to others. sometimes or often deliberately. And I guess I should be making a list of these attitudes/traits that have been wrecking the ship of peace in me. And here they are!

1. procrastination – self-explanatory. I tend to l postpone important tasks. And this isn’t producing good results.

2. querulousness – sorry if it’s too deep.  It means tending to complain or find fault. And yes, I’m too querulous these days. I should just comply and see the brighter side of things, like when I complain that our Physics project is so difficult and umm… meaningless? Be optimistic, Yui!

3.  criticizing – I may not directly criticize someone, but inside me is full of faultfinding and quick judgements on people. I see their mistakes more than their achievements. I don’t think this is healthy, for it doesn’t leave a satisfying feeling.

4. sharp tongue – And my mom and sisters agreed when I said this about myself. When I feel that I’m going to lose an argument and in any other stituation where I lose my temper, it comes out sharpened.

5. disobedience – My mom tells me to do this and that but I either postpone it or forget it (which is unintended but sometimes it is). And I feel so bad about it.

6.   undirected – Sometimes I forget the purpose why I’m here or there. I grow tired of the things that I must do and liked to do, such as the student council projects. I need some inner inspiration and motivation.

7. making faces/eye-rolling -And I do not like to see myself do it. But lately I’ve been. And I know it’s VERY wrong and and “plastic.” Oh you bad attitude, do not ever enter my house again!

8. making excuses – When used for a really good purpose it’s okay. But to use it frequently and escaping situations is NOT good. I should face it, not escape from it.

9.  easily angry/moody – My sister suggested this. She said I was irritating when I get angry. And it’s very easy for me to lose my temper which is a little turbulent. When I get angry it affects my personality a lot.

10. losing things – Ah! The losing things part. I should definitely try to fix this. I’ve been losing important stuffs recently and it gave me a lot of problems. I easily forget where I put things and  I trouble the whole household to find it. Sigh. Let me fix this disappointing attitude.

I hope to rid myself of these. I am sure that they are not easy to fix or this season of goodness, but I’m sure the desire alone is mots pleasing to God. That’s why I shouldn’t give up. I’m sure I can be very good and nice to others and to myself.

“Love your neighbor as your self.”



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  1. If I were to create a list of my faults, these things would also be in my top 10. Lol, we seriously have a lot of things in common.

    1. Yeah, I was like that during the first three years of high school. I’m still a bit like that now but just A BIT because I knew I needed to change if I were to finish my thesis and graduate.

    2. I think I was born a querulous person. But I managed to get rid of that bad quality and just focused on schoolwork (though I still hate the useless projects we do in school).

    3. I hate hate hate this one. It’s not nice even if you’re not directly criticizing people. I tend to be like this too, especially when I’m insecure about my work. I find faults in other people’s work so that I can say that mine is still better.

    4. We both want to change this. I hate speaking words that I don’t really mean.

    8. I don’t do this anymore, but in the first three years of my high school life, I did this EVERYDAY! Haha. And I understand why you want to change. It’s a horrible habit and doesn’t teach you responsibility. 😐

    9. Ah, my worst quality ever. My family always suffers when I throw temper tantrums at home. I want to change this and these days I’ve been trying to, but at first I swear it’s going to be hard. I cried a lot just to control my anger.

    Okay I said a lot of things, I’m so sorry. XD

    • no it’s okay! It’s nice having a good response from you. So we’re the same in some things, too! I just hope that this post have helped you in some way. ^_*. At least losing things isn’t in your top ten! LOL

      • Haha, yeah. But I hope you find the things you lost! 😀 Maybe it’s time to get a folder or something? XD

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