Go Seniors!

December 5, 2009 at 5:59 am | Posted in school | 2 Comments

And so, yey! We won! Go Seniors! Ok, to be formal, we, the seniors, won in the cheering competition. We won against the Juniors and we were the overall champion! Yey! Go Sr. Austria and Ms. Bau!

It truly was a memorable night for me. Not only did we won the Best in Synchronization, Best Performance (which declares that we won against the Juniors), and the Overall Champion, my classmate, Tata, won the Best Dancer of the Year (in our batch) and the Best Dancer of the Year Overall. It was great victory for us, graduating students.

Judennesse (student executive pres.) and I (her sec.) were the MC’s of the competition event. It was very hard to be an MC, especially when my teacher was pushing me harder and made me give all my energy to it. But it was worth it. I was trained through it, and they say I was amazing with my fluent english. Really? I was surprised myself why I can speak like that before almost thousands of people (us, participants and visitors). In the end, Jude and I were able to make it successfully.

The whole day was both an uncertain one and an excited one. We were uncertain because the costumes haven’t arrived yet and the make-up artists will be arriving two hours before the show. And I was nervous and threatened by the props and costumes of the Juniors. But it was exciting too because the costumes were good and we all knew that our performance is exceptional. And yes, we won!

I’ll miss and reminisce events like this during high school when I get to college. I now understand why they say that high school is a memorable stage and significant part of life. High school is the ground for good values, memories, and friendship. 

Thanks to God everything went well. It was truly a rewarding day for all of us.

Current Music: Sakurairo Maukoro (Mika Nakashima)

Credits: yui-life



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  1. Congratulations! I knew you would win 🙂

    Wow, you were an MC? Cool! And come on, you speak great English so there’s really nothing to be scared of. And you shouldn’t be surprised, you had that gift ever since. 😀

    • thanks claudine!!!

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