Perhaps the Best We’ve Done so Far

November 28, 2009 at 11:06 am | Posted in school | 6 Comments

Okay. This time I’m tired so I won’t make another avatar.

We had our whole day cheering practice today. It was really fun to do although it made us REALLY THIRSTY. We already finished the whole thing and will just be improving each little detail. I’m so proud of the Seniors! I really think and believe that this is the best we’ve done in all our cheering competitions! Well, it’s like that in my country…everyone must participate in the competition although one may not have the talent of dancing. But hey, everyone did well and we were always looked at by the college students every time we perform. It made me happy because I realized that we have really grown up and mature when it comes to teamwork, skills, and yeah, dancing. Although my sister boasts of how her batch has finished theirs and is really good, I believe that WE MIGHT win. Perhaps it is because of the many formations done and the effort of our cheering leaders (and Sir Austria) to improve our performance.

I really look forward to our competition. I hope we’ll win.

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  1. You will win! The seniors, seniors are on a roll 🙂 Lol, I’m using our cheer I’m so sorry XD It’s fun to be a senior, when events like those come you just come to realize how much the batch has transformed and improved over the years.

    By the way, how old is your sister?

    • a year younger…. so… we’re ‘rivals’ for now.

  2. wooh. Don’t worry just give you best in pre judging and also on the day that we will perform! hahaha :))


  3. That’s awesome, seniors dancing for a cheering competition. I realized something, in my old high school (in the U.S. obviously) we did an event called “Powderpuff Football” where the girls from the senior and junior classes play (flag) football against each other while the guys from both classes are the cheerleaders (dressed up and everything, they even have dance routines during halftime too). LOL XD

    Ah, memories. 😛

    • That’s funny!

      • Yup. I did play in both years in a receiver position. We lost in our junior year, but we won in senior year (though I had an injury during practice so I only played in the last few minutes before the game ended). Awesome memories. 😀

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