Otanjoubi Omedeto!How old is Ohno-kun?

November 26, 2009 at 12:39 pm | Posted in Ohno Satoshi | Leave a comment

Click me! (credits to yui7.wordpress.com or Yui and crystalove87@lj) I don’t know who owns the pamphlet so please tell me if it’s you.

Weee! Happy Birthday Ohno-kun! Haha. I think from today on I’ll call him Ohno-kun.

Yey! Ohno, the beloved leader of Arashi celebrates his birthday today! And what is his age? (HIGHLIGHT THE NUMBER BELOW!)


And yet our beloved Riida is still youthful, young at heart, and happy! Hmm… It has been 10 years since Arashi was formed, and he was 19 back then.To celebrate his birthday, and as a little present, I made a Ohno graphic which I don’t know what to describe. Yes, it may be a wallpaper but the size isn’t right. But it doesn’t matter. If you think it’s very nice then arigatou gozaimasu! It’s very simple and easy to make.

Wish: I wish that he’d continue to smile and be gentle towards the other members of Arashi. I hope he’ll continue being their invisible leader, that although he may not show leadership visibly he does so through his singing, dancing, and affectionate character. Ohno -kun, your voice is great! Sing more inspirational songs and always keep Arashi together. And please limit your fishing so your skin wouldn’t get darker. But if it’s your finest hobby amidst your job then enjoy such a nature-loving hobby!

That’s all for today! I have a lot to do next week . That’s why, Ganbarimasu!

Current thought: Patty, my sister, failed a test today in Chemistry because it was so hard (predicting – chemical reactions). But almost the whole class failed so it’s a little okay.


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