Aozora Pedaru (Blue Sky Pedal)

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 I was thinking about Arashi songs that fans usually mention, those that I haven’t heard before. I thought of Aozora Pedaru and found the PV (promotion video – music video) of the song. I know this is a little bit old for me to comment about it but I would really like to share this to others who don’t know about it yet. At first I didn’t like it because there were girls in the PV which usually doesn’t happen in Arashi’s PVs. But as it progressed I found out that it was like a minidrama and the story in the PV is so touching and wonderful. Aozora Pedal is the theme song for Sho’s movie, Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey and Clover), where he was Takemoto, an art student, who fell in love with Hagumi, a very shy yet talented girl in the art school. Going back to the PV, although it isn’t new I found it very interesting and a must-see PV of Arashi not only because of its uniqueness but also because the song (and the meaning) was wonderful. There were also conversations inserted in the video which really made it like a minidrama.

Here’s the link: Veoh (w/ translations – it’s a little bit slow but you’ll understand the conversations ^-^)

It was about the friendship of 5 boys (Arashi) and 3 girls who were renovating a shop for their business. One of the girls really liked Sho and only her friends and Jun know about it. After they finished making the front sign “Aozora,” they had a barbeque party and after some time, fireworks. It was Sho who was assigned to buy them. Motivated by Jun, the girl goes with Sho and after a while confessed her love to him. He got rejected by Sho and felt really down after the fireworks were lit. The PV opens with Nino telling the others that Sho is coming; they were having a reunion. It was mentioned by Aiba that in the end it was only the boys who were able to manage Aozora because the girls were very busy. So, we can see that the PV showed the past and present, the past being the beginning of the shop.

I really liked the PV and the song together. I was able to relate with the girl’s unrequited love by Sho. The girl was very beautiful, too. I was really touched because I could relate to her situation. When the girl was rejected by Sho, I really felt so struck and I pitied the girl. I’m always afraid of rejection so as much as possible I try to avoid situations like that. But I know that I wouldn’t be able to avoid them so I have to go with the flow.

There’s nothing more I can say. I really love the Aozora Pedal PV and I really recommend it to my friends. You might sympathize with the girl, too! I did, and the story left a good impression on me. Watch it too!

Before I end this post, I would like to say that it’s Christ the King today! Happy feast day!

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  1. I actually forgot about this song when you first mentioned it at first. I was thinking “I don’t remember hearing this song?” So I checked my CD tray to see if it was one of those singles that I missed while trying to collect all of their CDs. Turns out that I do have the single— both editions (limited and regular), so I popped it in my laptop and I thought to myself “Ah, that’s right! I’ve heard of this song after all.” XD

    I kinda didn’t remember the PV though, but mainly because I’m not very much in to the PVs. I’m more of a music person after all. ^^

  2. I like both. It’s kinda like watching a drama. ^-6

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