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otanjoubi omedeto!

Oh-chan! Hai! It’s our beloved Ohno’s birthday! But it’s acutally on November 26. Since he’s turning 29, and I love him as I love all of them, I made this header to celebrate it.  It is self-titled with the subtitles, “Just as I am,” that describe who he is. I wanted to title it with words that describe him as someone who is talented although he may not be smart. But I thought that it was his name that made him just as he is.  Anyway, let me focus on dear Riida (leader) this November. It’s his 10th year in Arashi (as leader too).

I did my best with the layout. It was supposed to look better than that but…ah…. limited layout options on wordpress. I had to make 1024×300+ into 740×192. Tsk. But I hope that everyone finds it nice. I picked out the best images I had of him since it is a special month for him. Let me give you a short description of him.

Our dear Ohno is the leader of Arashi. It was because of a janken in a tv show. View it here.  Sho and Ohno had a janken (rock-scissors-paper) to determine who will be the leader – the Keioboy (Keio university student) or the eldest? Ha! Ohno won – and looked quite confused too. The name Riida and Captain retained and he became Arashi’s official leader.I think it was not by chance that Ohno won in this game. Although he does not show his leadership or authority (even the other members say so!), his presence really made them feel warmth, as said by Aiba. View Aiba’s letter here. (You might cry!)

“Ohno-kun – Even though you have not done anything that is like a leader, your presence and personality has always made one feel warmth.”

The last Arashi member I noticed was Ohno. I thought that he was someone I could laugh at and make fun because of his personality and very dark complexion. And I am so sorry!!! Little by little I began to notice and love him too. Now, after Nino he’s my second favorite (but Nino will always be my ichiban  ❤ ) Although he may not be that smart or good in talking as the other members, once you get to know him, you’ll definitely love him. He does have that warmth as Aiba said he had. And he’s funny too. As I’ve known from a fan’s comment on some site, he/she said that Ohno is funny without having to do so. LOL. Very true indeed.

He also proves to be a good and adorable Riida. He is a Mama’s boy and good in singing and dancing. He is credited to be one of the best dancers/best singers in Johnny and Associates. His voice… very very amazing. Please try to hear it if you haven’t. And his dancing? Also superb. The hardest steps is very easy for him to execute. And about being the Mama’s boy, yes, he is very close to his mother. His kaa-chan fixes his room and buys his things and will not sleep until he comes back home. Awww! He loves his mother very much and is very close to her. See how adorable Oh-chan is?

Riida is kind-hearted too. In Arashi’s ranking, where the Arashi members themselves will rank each other on different subjects, Ohno ranked 1 in the purity of heart category. Arashi takes care of their leader and loves him so much.

I love and admire Ohno-kun. He might not be so smart, but he is talented: singing, dancing, drawing, arts, radio show DJ, choreographer, acting (best actor!) etc.  There is so much more I could say, but I’ve said all the best things about Ohno as much as I can. What I hope for is that you had fun reading this little article dedicated to the beloved Riida of Arashi and was able to appreciate him.

Otanjoubi Omedetou, Ohno-kun!

Current music: My Girl (Arashi)

Current concerns: Oedipus school play finalization, and cheering costume



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  1. For us Americans, Ohno’s birthday this year is a special holiday occasion too (Thanskgiving Day), so it’s easy for American Arashi fans to remember his birthday today.

    My brother is only about a month older than Ohno (he just turned 29 in October too), which was why I see Ohno and the rest of Arashi as more like my brothers (though I had a bit of a crush on Sho those several years ago, but now, not as much LOL).

    I wouldn’t say that Ohno is “not that smart.” Instead I would say that Ohno is indeed a smart person in his own way. I think each person is smart in their own way. If Ohno isn’t smart then he won’t have all that musical talent and artistic genius he possesses right now. Even the “dumbest” person in the beginning can become (one of) the most successful person in the present and the future, you know? ^^

    Jun was the last Arashi member that I noticed the first time I encountered Arashi (*ducks from all the Jun”bait” fangirls throwing tomatoes @ her*), but that’s only because back then, the boys were not that well know around the world yet, so I got an excuse. 😛

  2. Hahahaha! You’re so different. You weren’t Jun-baited. Now THAT is interesting. And yeah. Those are the words I’m exactly looking for. I ought to say Ohno might not be a genius in kanji reading and in intellectual stuffs like Sho, but he is a genius in music and arts! Waa… I love Ohno.

    And you know, in the Philippines, the fans here will have a fan meeting which will be celebrating Riida’s birthday. *cries* I wanted to come but…cheering practice. Tsk. I wanted to get hold of the freebies!

    • In my case, I don’t have time to go to those “fan gatherings” (if there are any here in my area) due to work, church choir, and other things. Because his birthday lands on Thanksgiving Day, it’s pretty impossible for fans to gather for his birthday on Thanksgiving Day (aside from Christmas and New Year’s, this is another one of those holidays where you spend your day with your entire family, whether at home or somewhere else). In addition to that, businesses would be closed (ie. restaurants, etc.).

      I got to know Arashi YEARS earlier than most of today’s fans, so it’s pretty obvious that those who got to know Arashi during their first 3-5 years (1999-2005) were not Jun-baited (they were baited by other means— through their music or even through the members that weren’t Jun, and of course there are some “early” Jun-baited fans during those years, only because they all think that he’s an awesome/cool member and has an individual sense— like the type who wants to stand out from the rest). 2006 was the primer year where the Jun-bait scene occurred because that’s when HYD first aired on Japanese TV. Who brought them to Arashi fandom in the first place? We “veteran” fans did. We’re the ones who brought HYD to the cyberspace public, fansubs and everything. If it weren’t for us “older” fans, they wouldn’t even gotten to know Arashi.

      But sadly, from my observation, a lot of the newer fans in general (I’m not saying you or anything) seem to forget about that fact. Lately they either “badmouth” us for not being “on the same level” of fandom as them or they just think we’re some kind of “elitist snobs.”

      Well, have fun with your Philippines gathering. Wish I was there. ^^;

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