A Hopeful Vision of the Future

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Thank you for many visits! Alhtough it’s only 200+ I’m happy because I got to add another friend on the blogroll: Claudine! She’s my classmate when I was in 6th Grade. She is now in a different school. We’ve been the HTML buddies from then on… (website making was the reason we became buddies) and I was able to find contact her through YM again.

As many of you know, I have applied to the top three universities in the Philippines: Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, and University of The Philippines. I am currently applying at the University of Santo Tomas. I’ve took the exams of the first three and how hard they all were! I am not sure if I will pass, but I just pray to God to help me do so. Since there’s no exams coming up these weeks I envisioned a situation in the future that I know I must leave in the hands of the Lord.

I thought, “What if I passed Ateneo (w/ scholarship) and La Salle?” I would of course choose Ateneo since I’ll have a scholarship and as I’ve seen in rankings Ateneo has higher standards. But the problem is, I love the course in La Salle all the more – International Studies Major in Japanese Studies. I don’t just like the course because liking Japan is my hobby or something like that. I want to study a culture, learn a new language, and study history and literature, my favorite subjects in high school. I like the course very much – and La Salle is a Catholic school.

Another situation is, “What if I didn’t pass Ateneo and passed La Salle?” I might study in La Salle and trust and leave to my Dad the very costly education there. I originally did not plan to apply, but their special program attracted my father to the school. La Salle offers a trimester system where you can graduate in three years. But P50,000+ every other month?  My Dad said that as long as I pass he can manage.

Ha…. and I really want to pass and study there. although I want to take the opportunity to study at the very prestigious Ateneo – national hero Jose Rizal’s high school. This is what makes me uncertain.

In spite of all these twists, I know that prayers and complete confidence and trust in God will fix everything. And I’m sure he will guide me in all of my dreams and aspirations. He is so good! I want to trust and believe in my dreams and reach for them. It would be all right for me if what happens is that I’ll study in Ateneo and continue my favored course in La Salle – a total of seven years of study. Well, if that’s what you love doing, right? 

But more than anything else, I hope to pass the universities first! May the Lord guide me and bless me.

On Arashi’s songs: I like Step and Go. This very inspiring song fits my current situation. And the PV is so SUGOI!

Current Music: My Girl (Arashi)

Current project: Cheering costume design and Physics assignment (very hard!!!)

credits to change417@lj for the pic



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  1. Oh come on, you will pass all of those schools! You’re smart 🙂 I personally like DLSU because I really like my course there and I’ve seen how the university prepares its students. My sister studied there. 😀 ADMU is nice too. And hey, it would be great if you passed there because you have a scholarship! My dad would kill for a scholarship in ADMU but I didn’t apply for one. Heh. XD

  2. Aww…. thanks!

  3. You know what’s funny? When I used to live in the Philippines I remember the relatives were “implying” to my head that if I don’t end up getting admitted to such colleges such as De La Salle, UST, UP, Ateneo, and such that I would be “disowned”. My immediate family felt that I’m the one who should decide my future when I got to that age, but the relatives would be like “you should be a doctor” or an engineer or something. My main interests are arts, photography, and design and they won’t hear nothing of it.

    Then at age 10 we left the Philippines and now the relatives can’t say anything. The culture and mindset of post-high school education is highly different than the one in the Philippines, I think. Even though you pick a major to concentrate your studies on, it didn’t mean that you’re going to end up having a job in that field. Especially with the economy today, people have no choice but to take on whatever’s available out there. You can’t afford to be picky these times anymore.

    But other than that, good luck with those entrance exams. I know you can’t possibly pass all of them, but you should pass with at least one or two of them, ne?

    More Japanese lessons coming up soon haha! 😛

  4. thanks… I appreciate that. 🙂 I wonder if you had culture shock at first…

    • I did have culture shock. In fact, when I first had my first day in an American school (middle school) I also had my first taste of racism. The funny thing was that it wasn’t the whites, blacks, Latinos, or other races that were racist. It was the Filipino kids who were born and raised in the U.S., they made fun of my “lack of speaking ‘fluent’ English” as well as my accent.

      Then in high school, those same kids who made me feel low when I was in middle school wanted to learn Tagalog. Hypocrites, hah!

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