Congratulations Arashi and Arashi fans! / Our Classroom is a Former Museum!

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To Arashi

Omedetou Arashi!

Yes. I can’t help giving this post two titles. Well, I can’t even relate yet what happened to Pangasinan during November 1 and 2.

Congratulations Arashi and Arashi fans for winning the Channel V Battle of the Pop Japan vs Korea! We [since we voted for them] won! Ah! Their victory is our victory too since we did our best (and not to mention took much time to check the voting page out] to win the battle. And… our Arashi won vs Kat-tun. Ah… this is just perfect for their 10th anniversary, huh?ย  To overreact, I would say I have toiled for a month just to make sure they win and reach that position! What memories I remember…oh the tension and excitement too. But in the end I knew they’ll win over Kat-tun. I never doubted they will win over the other great contender. This victory in Channel V will no doubt promote them internationally. And don’t forget, at Nov. 14 – Arashi’s discography will be shown on Channel V! It was supposed to be last month, but it was moved and Utada Hikaru’s discography replaced them.

Next topic – we moved into a new classroom, and no joke – it was a musem before. Well, only a little musem of the school in honor of its generous founder, Dona Margarita Roxas de Ayala. The change of classroom was caused by the fear of the school that another flood may come later and damage important documents in the offices on the first floor. And so we had to move down to the first floor. But it was fine; although the classroom was very small, a little dark, andย  had just one aircon for forty plus students, I can still bear it. At least we didn’t have to go a long way upstairs!

The fourth year students had to bear this trouble and cross. But we have to understand that that is for the common good. I just hope that Miss Caubic, our principal, will have a soft heart for her to provide us more convenience. It was really sleepy inside! Yey! 10th post!

Before I end this post I’d like to share some screencaps from Arashi Challenge Week Nino as guest in a food/cuisine program.

acw-nino1 acw-nino5 acw-nino6 acw-nino2


Arashi Challenge Week

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  1. Oh yeah, I heard about your new classrooms. I still think it’s weird. XD So where’s the sewing room? And the museum? :-S

    You have a lot of things to do. Gosh. I hate doing a lot of things. Lol.

  2. hi claudine! thanks for dropping by. I visited your blog and I think you’re doing great! If you want to add me in your blogroll just tell me.(although you will be flooded with lots of japan-related things. Haha.

    I don’t really know where the sewing room is now. But we only took part of the museum so it’s still there. (But hey, aircon!)

    • Haha. Don’t worry about it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I added you to my links ๐Ÿ˜€

      Wow, I’m really curious. But yeah, the aircon part’s really nice. I love air-conditioned classrooms. Lol.

  3. I’ll add you too.

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