Halo Halo in Japan?

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Tabe Mikako

The title might have surprised you; to me the commercial did. I opened youtube to search for something and what I saw in the recommended videos in the homepage was Tabe Mikako’s CM. Since I like Mikako-san very much, I watched it. I was surprised by her Ministop CM when she said, “Haro Haro ga?” (Japanese do not have the letter ‘L’)  I was nothing but, “Ehh? Ehhhh?! Hontou ni?! Hontou ni?!” There’s halo-halo in Japan? And in Ministop Japan?

I was so happy when I watched it because halo halo is a Filipino dessert. To have halo halo in Japan is very amazing. When did halo halo get popular like this? I never thought that it was even eaten in Japan! Me and my sister were smiling when we found out about it. To all those who don’t know what halo halo is, here goes:

Halo-halo (from Tagalog word halo, “mix”) is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served cold in a tall glass or bowl.


The halo-halo in the CM looked really good, and it did look like halo-halo.  I wrote this post because I wanted to be proud of the Filipino delicacy which is halo-halo. It’s a very sweet dessert, and can be bought just around the neighborhood. And about Tabe Mikako-san, I really like her. She’s my favorite Japanese actress not only because she has this simple beauty but also because she’s not rebellious. I respect her very much. I came to know her through Yamada Taro Monogatari which is one of the funniest J-Drama’s I’ve ever seen.

Going back to the topic, I feel very proud  of halo halo. It’s delicious. I hope many more will love the sweet dessert!

ARASHI UPDATE: It has been known through the Arashian community that Arashi won the Channel V Battle of the Pop: Japan vs Korea! Banzai! The results will be aired on Nov. 2 from 2 to 5 pm on Channel V. I feel very proud of Arashi! Yey!



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  1. wow! i never knew that halo-halo would be popular in Japan! haha, i bet they LOVE it. as in, SUPER! XD

    sigh~, i wish that next time it would be arashi or news that’ll advertise the CM so it’ll be more popular~,. XD

    • I hope not because I would be screaming about it! >_,<

      • oh. I can imagine. You…screaming in front of the screen, while staring at them…eating those delicious filipino food.. XD

    • hahaha me too! Halo halo rocks.XD LOL
      maybe they love to eat halo halo in winter it will be fun.
      hahahaha and the CM is funny??? sorry but i found it funny
      nino! hahaha sorry :))

  2. exactly. come to think of it, I was just eating halohalo at chowking!

  3. Wow. I haven’t eaten Halo Halo in awhile. I need to stop by the local Filipino restaurants or something to have some, though I much prefer making Halo Halo Adri-style. 😛

    There’s quite a number of Filipino population in Japan so they probably brought it there. A few of my aunt’s friends currently live in Japan at the moment. They’re like the 4th or 5th largest minority group in Japan (checked Wikipedia and other sites LOL).

    Also, a bit Japanese language lesson. The way they pronounce is “r” is more of in between the “r” and the “l”, so I wouldn’t say that there is “no L” in Japanese. The Japanese language is by syllable, not by letter, so in this case, you’ll have to rely on their pronunciation rather than the spelling.

    So, in this case, if a Japanese person says “halo halo”, the “l” sound would sound something like a “light-rolled ‘r'”. So yeah. ^^;

    • And I really admire Japanese who can speak it out with ease! Just like Sho and Nino. Thanks for another j-lesson.

  4. BTW nino! Arashi won in battle of the pop! BANZAI!!! hahaha

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