Smile – Matsujun (A Review)

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This will be my first little review for Yui no Jukkou. With that the blog will serve its purpose. I hope people will appreciate my review and gain insights through this. I know Smile was aired months ago for me to review, but its worth it, ne? When I first heard of Matsujun playing the role of a half-Filipino, I was overwhelmed with abundant excitement! I was saying to myself, “Of all nationalities, why Filipinos?” This is great! This is really quite unordinary and a must-watch for me! Also, just after Ihave heard of the title, I already sensed and knew that it was called “Smile” because we, Filipinos, are known for our bright and optimistic smile. And the first words of the drama, “I have a dream,” sums up the movie with the title, too. Proud to say, Filipinos are dreamers; we have goals in life that strengthens us.

Smile is a fresh new drama of our dear Matsujun. In the 11 – episode drama he portrays Hayakawa Vito, a half-Filipino half-Japanese who has dreamt of owning a restaurant of his own. He experiences many difficulties in his life- the discrimination of others on his being half, a false accusation, and not having both of his parents anymore. He meets Mishima Hana, played by Aragaki Yui, a mute beautiful girl who likes him and helps him in whatever way she can.Actually I haven’t really finished the drama, but the first episode was too touching already! Why? It was because Vito suffered from discrimination. Moreover, tears were building in my eyes because Smile praised the Filipino virtue of smiling even when problems come.

A character also said that we have beautiful eyes! But when a yakuza-like man shouted, “Filipino yarou wa you,” which means “Filipino bastard” to Vito, it made me sad. In spite of this unacceptable remark on Filipinos, and rather than discontinue Smile, I am still eager to watch it. I understood that every hardship that Vito, which represents Filipinos, has, is reality. Smile has a social message and it shows what is really happening – the discrimination, the gangs, etc.

smile6  smile4 

smile5   smile2
Smile, by Matsumoto Jun and Aragaki Yui, is not your ordinary J-Drama. Definitely not! Matsujun acted so well in Smile you can’t help crying when he suffers. He deserves an award for this. And he was so cute with his shining smile! I think he was tanned for this role because he was so dark. Gakky (short for Aragaki) had interpreted her character well, too, and complemented Jun’s character. The plot and the title was great too. It provided a paradox (hardships + “smile”) to the problems in the story. Lastly, the theme song was very touching. It’s nice seeing Jun-kun smile and trying to be Filipino-like. Thank you for accepting this role Jun-kun! It really will have a great impact if it was aired in GMA.


But more importantly, SMILE teaches us good values, shows us the truths of our time, and has even complimented our Filipino race. It teaches us true friendship  that disregards any nationality, reaching for our dreams, and believing with hope. I won’t summarize and tell everything. I leave the rest to your watching it. I hope that after watching it we will be more proud of being Filipino and ‘smile’ always. Jaa, mata ne.





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  1. aaaa~
    so you’ve already finished watching “smile”?

    good for you. ^^
    Sigh (anji, when will i finish this drama?) XD

    `next time.,
    i’d definitely finish that drama!!!!!!!!

  2. oh~ I love this drama! Just started it and I can’t wait for the ending. XD

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