A week of sleepless nights…plus more?

October 20, 2009 at 10:13 am | Posted in school | 8 Comments
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Before I begin my little ramblings, I would like to tell something about the ID above. It is from janitomo.com. I think it means I am in charge of Ninomiya Kazunari. 二宮和也の担当です. Kawaii desu ne?

Going back – I have been sleeping for only a few hours these days. It’s not something like I’m trying to break a record of sleepless nights by a 16 yr. old girl. Ah! No. On the contrary I’m very much disappointed about this and I am looking forward to semestral break ( -_- which will only be one week due to interruption of classes by the typhoon…). I would like to sleep early and free myself from eyebugs which are becoming more bigger. School has been pouring too many requirements and tasks. But I do understand that this happens often and has a good reason for it. Now I remember what my teacher in Physics told my sister’s class: It’s strange, huh? You’re the one paying the school and the school is making it difficult for you. My mother’s response to my sister when she recounted this: That’s what you’re paying the school for – to make it difficult for you. She said this in a positive way, of course.
Here are the stressful yet somewhat enjoyable events that resulted to a week’s sleepless nights:

1. Student Council projects

2. Projects piling up

3. 7-8 projects from Christian living (!!!)

4. Master of Ceremony for the United Nations Celebration

5. Korean Costume

6. Quizzes

7. Arashi (they actually entertained me in my busy schedule &heart;)

8. La Salle Exam

But wait! This week is examination week! Oh no! I would probably have more sleepless nights. I’m glad the La Salle Exam was over. It was hard, yes, but ACET and UPCAT are harder. I’ll try UST next!

High school is so stressful these days that this might have led me to some procrastinations. Although I am very tired and stressed, I try to entertain myself from time to time because I cannot force myself to do it all at once. I just offer to heaven all my hardships and hope that it will bear good fruit soon. Oh God, please help me to be able to find rest for myself in the midst of a busy Senior life.

 Sorry for such a long post!



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  1. yui.. is that your name?
    thanks! I will add you to in my blogroll..
    Let’s be friends.. since we live in the same country..

  2. yeah. thanks. I’ll definitely catch arashi updates from you! 🙂

  3. hahaha you better rest nino.XD by the way have already decided if you’re going to the fan meet? call me :))

  4. Nino :)) i forgot you username in LJ.. what is it again? gomen.

  5. yui-7.lj.com

  6. uhm, what do you mean by..
    “in charge of ninomiya-kun”?

  7. I don’t really know. That’s what the kanji says. But you get the idea, ne?

  8. hmmm. yep.

    he’s yours.

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