Another Seemingly Difficult Entrance Exam

October 17, 2009 at 10:17 am | Posted in school | 3 Comments


  I’ll be taking the De La Salle University College Entrance Test (DLSUCET) tomorrow and I don’t really know what to think of it.

The DLSUCET is one of the most famous college entrance exams in the Philippines. Well, DLSU is one of the top four universities in the Philippines. It’s a really nice school, and I really look forward to passing it, although I know it will be 50-50. Some say it’s hard, very hard, while others say it’s easier than Ateneo.  Eh… Whom should I believe?!

Anyway, I have stayed calm about it for the past few weeks and will rely on my past EEE (entrance exam experience)s. I just hope that I will do my best in it. My first choice is AB ISJ (International Studies Major in Japanese) and the second is Communication Arts, which was my first choice in Ateneo.  At first my mother didn’t like it, but I really want to study Literature and History and she advised me to choose what I really want. So here goes! After staring at the blank space I finally wrote the course.

I request to those who are reading this post to pray for me because I really want to pass it. Please pray that I will be able to answer everything and pass both DLSUCET and ACET. If I do pass it I’ll always be thankful to Papa God and all those who prayed for me.

Ganbatte, Yui-chan!

Other concerns: I’ve added a new page to the blog: Graphics Design. I’ll be giving away designs. But if I get to busy and not inspired enough to make some, then I would probably put the page down.

* I sent a letter to Nino-kun through some project that a site was making. I hope that it reaches him. I did it with my best.

That’s it for today. Hope I’ll pass and do better with my piano lessons!



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  1. gambatte ne, yui-chan!!!

    i know you can do it!


  2. De La Salle University..
    Good luck on that!

    • thanks. I just took it and I don’t really know what to feel about it. Ah… just hoping to pass…

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