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junav1 Ah! The Discipline Committe’s job for the 2nd quarter of school is finally done! My week was almost sleepless nights because of projects, assignments, programs, etc. I’m glad to have survived it all. Yokatta!

Arashi update: Have been reading Arashi members’ interviews from different sources. Have learned that Nino’s dog is a Shiba Inu and its name is Haru which means spring. Kawaii na namae! (Cute name!)

These days I’ve seen myself as a survivor. Even in spite of troubles and hindrances that come my way, I surpass them all safely. Of course, the Lord too helped me. If it was not through trust and his help I wouldn’t have “survived.”

This month is United Nations. All Senior students will wear costumes of different countries. I really wanted to wear a Japanese costume! However, I didn’t want to fight with a classmate just for that.  (-_-‘)

Our Economics teacher t hen offered me a Korean dress that was given by Korean exchange students before.  Since I love Asia, I decided to be Ms. Korea instead. However, days before the event I found out that that costume was lost;  someone took it. This was troublesome! I had to go to noisy busy Quiapo to find a cheap yet beautiful hanbok (Korean traditional dress). With the help of my understanding mama I was able to overcome this problem. Today I was able to wear it and have received compliments for it.

This week I learned to trust in myself as I trust God’s help as well. This has been a tiresome week, but I’m happy, anyway.

Things like this happen, but always there are persons to help. Thank you, God. Thank you, Ma.


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  1. yoh~

    nabasa ko na naman ung bago mong post.
    well aun… lang.

    mag blogspot ka nalang. mas..cute…haha. XD

    geh, kita kits sa classroom.

    *next time mageenglish na ko. ngaun lang.*

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