Support Goes to Arashi – all the way!

October 4, 2009 at 12:48 pm | Posted in Arashi, Church, school | 1 Comment

shoav1Ah… I would really like to have others comment. Without them this blog seems to be lonely. Can’t wait for friends to come. But how?

Anyway, this post will be swift. I’m working on a school project to be submitted tomorrow, and how I procrastinated! Ah… I really need to work this bad trait of mine out.

I am currently working on a fan fiction featuring Nino-kun. I still wonder if it’s interesting or not. I want to make it the best, so, Ganbatte! (Sorry for unknown Japanese words. Going to add a Japanese page soon…)

Arashi is on a great lead on V-Channel’s Battle of the Pop Japan VS Korea. I love J-Pop, most especially Arashi because of many good reasons, and so I keep voting (together with my sister) for them. It’s like everyday we’re on watch. It’s a really tough fight between usual winner Super Junior from Korea and aspiring winner Arashi. I’ve seen many fan websites talking about it, and they are all promoting Arashi. For me, without biased reasons, Arashi is better because of their good music with great melody and inspiring lyrics.  I do hope they get this break!

The first Children’s Mass occured in our Parish today. I hope it continues successfuly with God’s grace and my fellow parishioners constant hard work. They really want to bring children back to Jesus. Very good!

Ok, I’ll be going. I’m still not finished yet with the project.


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  1. Ganbatte to you and Arashi!!

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