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ninoav2 I’ve edited a lot today! Today we were spared from the  Hurricane-like  “Pepeng.” After storm “Ondoy hit the Philippines, everyone was so alarmed by The Next One. This just proves that Filipinos are strong ‘pray-ers,’ ne? Hope to see some comments from others. I’m trying to make some friends though I’m picky for a safety and comforting reason. Yes. Yes. Plain layout, I know. I’ve gotta learn some more tricks here. I’m kind of satisfied with wordpress though.



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  1. My family and I really got worried when Ondoy “attacked” the homeland (since most of the relatives are in Manila area =T) and we didn’t hear from them until 2 weeks later when the electricity came back.

    But over here, there’s been a lot of events with some Hollywood celebs (mainly from the hip-hop dance crews from MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew”) and even some celebs from the Philippines (or even expats) holding entertainment events to raise money for the Ondoy & Pepeng relief. It’s still going on here today. I’m grateful that regardless of the cruelty and the “polluted” hearts strongly existing, there’s still some good and gracious people who still live strong in this earth. 🙂

    I’ve gotten used to creating some layouts for WordPress. I’ve been thinking of creating Arashi-themed WordPress layouts for free downloads at AMNOSnet as part of my “freebies” to all Arashi fans around, but haven’t really much gotten around that as of yet. 🙂

  2. That’d be nice if you would! I mean, there are so many Arashi fans who want to get their wordpress themes ‘arashi-themed.’

    And about the Ondoy and Pepeng, I didn’t know that it is already known to other countries and affected them that much! Even Korea’s Kim Sang Bum (Boys Over Flower – Yi Jung) was concerned.

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